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» Quiz: What Disney Princess Are You?
What Disney Princess Are You?
created by tribute_mutant

Well, I think it's self-explanitory. Figure out what Disney Princess you are...fun fun.

1.) What's your hair like?
Short Black
Medium Brown
Flowing auburn or red
Short blonde
Longe blonde
Long black
Medium Black

2.) What best fits your personality?
I love my family, but I want what I cant have.
I am very quiet and humble
I dont do much....sleep
Im a free spirit
Im very independent, and dont really need anything but a book.
I like to be in charge
Ive been cast out of the inner circle
Just leave me alone..

3.) Which of these is closest to your favorite colour?

4.) Your family is most like which of the following?
I lve with one of my parents. We're close...even if they are a little crazy.
I live with a clost-knit group who aren't all blood related, but act like kin.
I have a large family
Just me, my single parent, and a pet or two.
::Yawn:: Family?
I wish they hadn't disowned me.
Me my mum, and a sibling or two.

5.) What's your living situation (house)?
I live with my family in a fairly good sized house
I live with a few others in a small house.
I live in a large house.
My house is huge...not many people though
Losta people, lotsa house
It's not big, it's not small, you ask to many questions
I live in a pretty good sized place...

6.) Lastly, are you a virgin?
With all these men on me, hell no!
Daddy would kill me if I did anything of the sort
Virgin...what a strange word.
No, I met the man of my dremas
Oh yes
Who'd love me?

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