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» Quiz: how wet can u make me (bi/lez girls only)
how wet can u make me (bi/lez girls only)
created by crazy_girl3322

girls only

1.) wer on a date and we watching a movie i had my hand on ur leg and now im sliding my hand under ur pants starting to rub ur clit you
rip my wet panites off and stick ur tung in my pussy
u put ur hand down my paintys and rub my clit tell i cum
u let me rub ur clit and finger fuck u in the theater
u tell me to stop u want to wate tell ur house
pull my hand out and tell me now to call u

2.) wer at a party and im a bit tipsy and i bend over in my mini sckert im wearing no paintys and u see my pussy crack you
walk over and ask if i want to fool around
u walk over and stick fingers up my pussy makeing me moan leting evreon hear (wow im getoing rilly wet)
grab my ass and wisper that u want my pussy
u point me out to all ur friends and give me a slut reputation

3.) u come over and we r fliping throu the chanles i stop at a late night porno you
say is this waht ur in the mood for as u put ur hand down my pants feeling my driping wet pussy makeing me let out a small moan(omg wrighting this is)
i tell me if u want to see some pussy y didnt u say so
eww stop change the chanal or im leaving
u say im not rily in the mood tonight but laght maby
walk out the door

4.) i call u up and say i im RILLY HORNY AND NEED TO CUM you
say ill be theer soon and run over as fast as u can
say wall as long as wer on the phone im feelign my tit as i rub my clit ....phone sex
ew hang up
well go masterbate god
well i woudl liek to but im grunder tell friday if u can wate tell then ill make u cum so hard u will never be horrny agen
i dont care

5.) i come over for a sleep and its rilly hot so wer only in r panties and bra's and u see the my panties r geting wet you
u ask if i have ot go to the bath room
u grab my crotch rubing it and u ask if it feels good i moan yes as u rub my clit harder( omg im so wet my panties r geting socked)
u aks if my panties r wet caus im horny and when i say yea u slid ye hand donw my panties
i look at it all night and think about what u would do to my pussy and get wet ur self but not od n e thing
u tell me to put somt pants on
cant talk fingering my self

6.) im siting heat no pants no shert siting in my thong with is driping wet from wright this quiz
og i want ur pussy i want to lick it and fuck it suck it tell u skream
ok i didnt need ot know that
thats hot
cant answer i just want to finish this quiz so i can fuck somone
i want u

7.) did this quiz make u horny
yes im siting hear pussy driping wet wanting somone to shar it with
ya im pretty horny now
not rilly
nope and now i think ur a pervert

8.) will u u2u me im rilly horny and want to ciber or talk dirty
yea she im alwes open
na i dont od that stuff

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