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» Quiz: What kind of eyes do you have?
What kind of eyes do you have?
created by number1dork90

See what kind of special eyes you posses(PICS)

1.) Whats your favorite color?

2.) What color best DESCRIBES YOU
Black- Hidden, or lonely. maybe a little shy
Yellow-Perky, happy, and joyful
Pink-Really childish, or curous all the time
Red- Blood, or hate..maybe rejected

3.) How much do you cry a day?
I cry more on the inside....
Only when my friends are hurt, or if im hurt
Only when i do a very bad thing by accident
I cry all the time, but only in my room, listing to my music
Cry?..what is this word u talk about..is it CANDY!

4.) Whats your fashion....
Maybe something that's in, but i really hate
Chains, Fishnets,leather boots, maybe some doggy collars
Nothing but black, no chains, no color..black..period
I like to raid my mommys pretty dresses
Something pink, or really bright...a flower or maybe a nice lil animal on it

5.) Whats your music....
Emo stuff.....
Heavy metal, or death metal
Maybe old mcdonal, or ring around the rosey!
Brittney, Jessica, and Ashlee! A lil Avril too!

6.) Final question....Whats your love life like?
I dont really like to date that much...
Only when i know them very well......
I got my surfer dude waiting for me out front right now....

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