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» Quiz: What kind of cocksucker are you?
What kind of cocksucker are you?
created by MissFortune

This is a quiz for ladies and gay guys only....to show how you stand up when it comes to going down.

1.) What statement best describes you?
I am super sweet-alitte on the innocent side and my have a good and healthy outlook on life and sex....or so my mom tells me.
I am the type to feel out a situation...my out look on life is...it is a mystery and so am I...solve me...help me solve it.
My outlook on life is to go for the top of the mountain..it is a challenge and I love to challenge myself..and win.I always win.
My outlook on life is....I want to hold my world in my hands and give it a kiss.....I approach everything in life with a hands on approach.

2.) What kind of job would best suit you?
Telephone solicitor-operatot-retail...whatever.
Jewlery sales..artist..sculptor...baker
Something exciting.....policewoman/man-firefighter...stipper..circus performer
Stripper..real estate or car sales person....anything that allows me to be my charming self and get paid for it...you like me right?
job? what job..do I have to?

3.) if someone made you your favorite meal with all of the trimmings...how would you describe the way you'd eat it?
I'd take it all in-the smell eat taste-and texture-not missing a single morsel ot this wonderous meal...and I'd devour the entire thing-More please!
Well...I'd eat....hello???? it's just food..calm down.
I'd pick it up in my hands...licking my fingers to get any yummy sauce off of them...yummy..I'd lick the plate clean.
Id take in all of the aroma-slowly savoring everything....feeling each texture go over my tongue....wow this is good.....I'd eat every last drop.

4.) What is your favorite type of food?
Anything that I can pick up in my hands....ice cream cones.
Spicy- and anything that gets my mouth juices flowing.....anything that is an experience to eat.
exotic foods-fondue and ice cream...anything sensual...strawberries and whipped cream.
jelly beans...gummy bears...cake.....candy of any kind

5.) What is your opinion of sucking cock?
Ewwwwww...I dont even like chicken I'm a vegan!
I absolutely love it..the feel of it the taste of it.....the challenge of it.
It isn't my favorite thing to do -but I'll do it for my partner.
I think it's sexy.....and I'm not just saying that (wink wink)
Uhhhhhh no comment

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