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» Quiz: Are You Bisexual, Straight, or Lesbian? (Very, very Accurate if you answer honestly. Girls please.)
Are You Bisexual, Straight, or Lesbian? (Very, very Accurate if you answer honestly. Girls please.)
created by Sinatra

This is a very accurate quiz which could in fact maybe even turn you on. ;-) AIM me at LezzieLexy

1.) Scenario: You and a really hot girl are locked in a room for 24 hours. She comes towards you. You look into her eyes, as she looks into yours. She strokes your arm. Your heart starts to beat as she softly touches you all over.You get naked. She moves down...lower....Did that turn you on?
Oh, my god...Yes it did....yes....yes..YES...YES!
Yeah, um, I definatley am about to puke.
Yeah, that was some hot stuff...and I enjoyed reading it and would probably enjoy doing it...but I think a guy would be equal or more fun.

2.) Do you think guiltily about liking girls?
Yes, it makes me feel guilty even though I think they are awesome.
No, I am damn proud!!!
I dont think about liking girls unless I am in a very bulemic mood.
Yeah, but I really want to pursue it.

3.) Do you enjoy Lesbian porn more than straight porn?
Yes, it reeeeally turns me onnnn. Ohh, I wish I was licking a clit right now.
No man, what the hell is porn without a dick?
Yeah, pretty much equally

4.) Do you honestly think penises are nasty looking?
No, I really just want one.....in me....now...ooohh...
Yeah, they are nasty. Ugh.
Yeah they are pretty nasty lookin but I still am attracted to guys.

5.) If a girl started to come onto you, would you pursue it?
Yes, I would loooove to!
I might have a little fun with her, but no Lesbian relationships for me thanks.
Don't even inult me like that. Nasty.

6.) Do you honestly think you are Bi, Straight, or Lez?
I think I am definatley Bisexual. I like guys, and think they are reeeally cute and I get crushes, but I think about girls a lot too.
I think I am straight. I think girls are just not attractive,
I think I am lesbian. Guys are so nasty. I mean why not like a girl? We're classy and we take care of ourselves!

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