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» Quiz: would i let u fuck me? (GuYs OnLy)
would i let u fuck me? (GuYs OnLy)
created by lithium

just take take quiz (pLeAzE)

1.) whats ur favorate position?
DoGGy sTyLe
GiRl on top
Standing up against the wall
Sittin down - girl on top facing guy
sittin down - girl on top facing away from guy

2.) do u enjoy getting Oral
Fucking rite
love it
hate it
erm...depends what mood im in

3.) do u enjoy giving Oral
YaY of course its great
it ok
Nope, i hate it
i could go down all night

4.) are u kinky in anyway?
yes...its brilliant
handcuffs all the fucking way
NO, what sort of freak likes that
depends what mood im in

5.) Would u accept to being dominated
Fucking right
Im not ur gimp, bitch
i'd have to see what mood i was in

6.) how about 3somes?
only with two girls
i don't mind boy or girl, i just wanna fuck you
ewww thats disgusting
don't know about that

7.) would u let me bite you?
ur a freak
depends what mood i was in at the time
woah thats cool

8.) would u let me use a dildo on you? (if i never said nuthin to no-one about it)
I spose so
cool dildos are my fav
i don't know about that

9.) finally...can u go all day? seriously ( not in ur dreams boys )
yes, of course
only with u gurl
im too small
we will have to see about that one

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