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» Quiz: do you know how to please me??? (LEZ AND BI GIRLS ONLY)
do you know how to please me??? (LEZ AND BI GIRLS ONLY)
created by curious_gurl69

this will make you WET!!!!!!

1.) im lying naked on ur bed, masturbating. you:
grab my boobs and start sucking
walk out
lick my feet and suck my toes.... :S
get ur strap on and fuck me hard and goooooood
rub ur wet vagina all over me, and lick up ur cum
make out with me while fingering me

2.) its my birthday! on my dress up party you come dressed as.....
a zombie
a hot guy
a bikini waxer
a sexy whore
a naked chick!!!!!

3.) if i asked you to masterbate for me you would:
take me into a room and do it
take me into a room and do it for like 10seconds then run away
not do it
masturbate all out for me, right where we were in front of everyone, with loud sounds and squeals - and you'd even let me help!!!!1

4.) i come home to ur house and we're by ourselves. i start taking my clothes off when my girlfriend comes in and joins us. she and i are TOTALLY getting it on in front of you - theres cum every where and we're moving so fast that all you can see is a blur of boobs, hair, legs and pussy. we're moaning so loud that the whole street can hear us. you:
sit down and watch while fingering urself
close the doors and windows and curtains, try to get rid of the naighbours and let us carry on while you go and do ur homework
scream and call for help
pull my friend off and make me stick my tongue up ur pussy
join us

5.) when you fantasize its usually about:
wet lesbians getting it on.
that hot car up the road
FUCKING a busty girl in the hot car up the road
giant gangbangs
having sex with ur boring old boyfriend
having ur pussy eaten out by a TRUE proffessional

6.) your fave part about lesbian sex is:
pussy eating
nothing AT ALL
making out
when it ends... shudder
getting sopping wet from ur cum and her cum
dry humping a chick so hard that she's screaming

7.) in the girls changerooms you:
change as quickly as possible, then run out
try not to look, but end up looking anyway
are staring at boobs and geting wet (even though you've already finished ur shower)
are feeling up other girls or humping one in the shower

8.) ur fave place to have sex with a chick is:
in tha back seat of a car where we can't be disturbed
no where u sicko
in the bedroom... whre else?
anywhere as long as the sex is goooooood

9.) im wet right now. are you going to u2u me?
no. i dont like you

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