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» Quiz: What Elemental Goddess Are You? (With pictures)
What Elemental Goddess Are You? (With pictures)
created by FadingAway202

Umm, a different kind of Goddess quiz? I dunno

1.) Hi there!
Hey! What's up?
Hello! From this point on, I promise to be your friend! No lies, no cheats, and maybe, just maybe, we can fall in love! (Of course only if you're aguy

2.) ...Okay, let's start a little different...What do you love seeing?
I see nothing but grey all day...So...yeah
A thunderstorm...Deep in the Night, when no one else is stirring...And when all is dark.
A wild animal that you don't get to see everyday...Like a Tiger! Or a Wolf!
Orlando Bloom...Wet e.e

3.) Have you, or do you ever want to fall in love?
I have no beliefs in love. So I doubtly think I'll ever find someone that special...
...I guess? I dunno! But if I do, there has to be a lot of static between us! ;)
I think I have...Or maybe I just like the guy. He seems to love animals...and that's all I care about!
...Umm...WOW! I thought that I thought about everything...Turns out...I don't think about love!!
Oh yes, many times. But I think it was all really 'Love-at-first-sight'...

4.) Pretend you watch Sailor Moon...Which do you most relate to?
Sailor Saturn...Dark and alone...But has her share of friends and has a soft side.
Sailor Jupiter! Kicks butt and is into electric storms! A.K.A Lightning!
Sailor Neptune...She worked at an animal shelter for a while as a child.
Sailor Mars...Independent...Doesn't care what others think...and likes everything...Except Serena.
Sailor Venus...Love chain...duh

5.) Alrighty then! How would you react if a really cute guy from school, (You don't even know his name, but you've been crushing on him for the longest time!) walked up to you and said
...That would never happen...I don't really want it to either.
I'd electricute him with my little zapper thingie and he'd go BOOM!
I'd have a spasm and die.
I'd say
Well, I've already had that happen. But I think I would rather date him first!

6.) What music are you into?
Uhh...Evanescence...Skillet...Linkin Park...Yeah
Evanescence, Good Charolette, Skillet. Heavy Rock...Not really depressing...but just awesome?
Cheery crap. And there's a lot of that stuff out there!
All kinds!
Romance, or tragic romance!

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