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» Quiz: Find your true stereotype(the ultimate label quiz with pictures)
Find your true stereotype(the ultimate label quiz with pictures)
created by maschine

what should you truely be labeled? this quiz contains almost 20 different types of labels that have developed for people over time (some you may have never heard of) no more extreme broad generalizations and misjudgments! from goth to new waver to punk. this covers just about all of them

1.) First of all, the million dollar question! Pick a group of bands...
Sex Pistols,Ramones,The Clash, The Casualties
Bauhauss,Black tape for a Blue Girl, Dead Can Dance,Lycia
Assemblage 23,Wumpscut,Icon of Coil, VNV Nation
Three Doors Down,Creed,Nickleback,Dave Mathews Band
The Butchees,Le Tigre,Chicks on Speed
The Cure,New Order,Depeche Mode,Duran Duran
Bob Marley,Cypress Hill,Deftones
Dashboard Confessional,Modest Mouse,Jimmy Eat World
Feindflug,Throbbing Gristle,Winterkalte,Nivek Ogre/cEvin Key
Greatful Dead,Phish,Janis Joplin
50 Cent,Dr.Dre,Snoop Dog,Jay-Z
Kraftwerk,Weird Al,Star Wars Film Scores
Marilyn Manson,Slipknot,Disturbed,Korn
Metallica,Slayer,Black Label Society,Morbid Angel,Dying Fetus
Queen,Bloodhound Gang,Linkin Park
whatever you want me to be baby, just buy me dinner
most classical in general, though i must say music in general can be a bother during my work on wallstreet
Oakenfold,The Shamen,The Crystal Method,Daft Punk

2.) Okay next! Clothing Style! apearance can be everything you know
black is a must, along with tons of black makeup, an ank,and possibly a corset
black contrasting with bright neon-y colors,big poofy hair extensions and my BUG bag!
whatever, jeans and a teeshirt something i bought from old navy or gap
whatever i dont really care man, as long as its clean and you know appearances dont matter ma just do wha-wait what was i talking about again?
thick rimmed glasses,cheesy socks,and my fuzzy sweater of course
safety pins, my doc martins,plaid bondage pants and a customized leather jacket
concert teeshirt and a pair of jeans, maybe a spiked braclet and long hair to produce a nice effect when i headbang
my sports jersey,some nikes,a hat sporting my favorites football/basketball/baseball team, maybe my sports uniform which im too proud to remove
tube top, short short skirt, stilletos and of my lucky g-string ; P
Sagging pants,mah doo-rag,a sports jersey and mah k-swiss yo an' i jus gots 2 hav mah rolex and ice ice baby
goggles,duct tape,bdus and combat boots. enough said.
tie dye shirts, long flowly skirts and a bag i made myself out of some natural hemp fabirc
huge widelegged pants with lots of pockets, lots of bright colors,little kid jewlery,glow sticks and of course a shirt witha rainbow bright character
i try to keep it simple but classy with my s&k business suit but for casual friday maybe ill exchange it for a polo shirt and khakis
a teeshirt with my favorite anime/scifi movie/video game, a good fantasy/scifi book, and my ti-83 calculator stocked with plenty of mini-rpgs!
anything that will keep those men and their dirty eyes off of me, i dont need to change myself to look attractive to them!
odd combinations of colors and styles maybe some tight pants or leg warmers
lots of spikes,pentagrams and upsidedown crosses,baggy pants and possibly fishnets and my haira funky color that my parents will hate!

3.) now, what do you think of humanity?
whatever its all good man, come on lets go smoke some
everyone should just love eachother, the world would then be a better place with peace and happiness for all
I LOVE PEOPLE!! hehehehee want some glitter and a ring pop?
they can be the best thing thats happened to you and they can break your heart, i feel the other one happens more often...my poor heart
people make a team! there is no I in team! you cant win the game without a team!
come here and ill show you how much i like humanity (wink wink)
DO YOU MEAN MEN??because if you do then i could care less, those filthhy bastards opressing us..
i cannot identify with humanity, i am a cybernetik organism
woe is me, i prefer creatures of the night
humanity needs to get it together! we need to find the smartest people in the world and create something like a board of jedis!and giant dragon robots
if you talkin 'bout mah homies, dont you b dissin 'em wes all be brothas an sistas now, 'cept fo' all u wack an' racist folks.
humanity has gone to shit thanks to the government! fuck the system!
im angry at humanity, i krush you all!!!
i obey.
were all part of the system, we must stay within the sytem to make things work.
people? its about music...and my clothing&hair
what?! (ears are still ringing from loud music)

4.) religion?
marilyn manson the antichrist is all i need
ill worship you if you want me to ; P
sometimes i dont think there is a god anymore, my heat's been broken so many times (sniff sniff)
God of course (duh everyone knows that)
all i need is my weed : P
god and jesus yo, ride til we die
god is something people made up to feel better about dying
god is comming and boy is she pissed
there is a great force of powerful all knowing love out there waiting for us to come together and make peace
money is power...
what? yeah i beleive in religion.
why hast thou forsaken meeeee??? (angst angst angst)
good for synthpop lyricsss!!!
dude i dont know....as long as my relion lets me some a joint though thats coo'

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