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» Quiz: What kind of anorexic are you?
What kind of anorexic are you?
created by daisychain

Take this quiz only assuming you are anorexic, to find out what group of anorexic you fall into: from the angry ana to the lonely ana. Are you determined to lose weight? Are you proud of what you are doing to yourself? xoxox

1.) You have been invited to a party by a good friend of yours. How do you react to the invite?
I'm not going to go. They only invited me because they feel sorry for me. They act like they dont like me these days.
They probably only invited me because they think I wont come. Well damn them! I'll show up- see how they like that!
I'll go, but no way am I eating anything. I wont get fat.
I'll go and I'll show them I'm proud of my new, thinner figure!

2.) You go out to a restaurant with family and family friends. How do you act at the table?
Sit there smouldering. If they think they can make me eat they've got another think coming.
Sit there feeling like I want to cry. I wish I could just be happy.
Feel superior- they're all stuffing their faces and I wont eat a thing.
I'll limit myself to three bites of that, and one bite of that. If I go any futher it'll be way too much!

3.) It's Christmas. How do you feel?
I feel proud that I've come up until Christmas having eaten so little. I love being thin.
I feel so secluded. All my friends and family are having a great time and I'm so sad.
I'm mad that they're so happy. They've come up till Christmas torturing me. I'm punishing them by starving myself.
I'm certain I'm going to get through the day and be happy, high-spirited and full of Christmas cheer, so they wont suspect me. I will get thinner.

4.) It's time to go for your check up at the doctors'. What do you do now?
Shout and scream. They wont make me go- no way!
Cry and sob. I dont want to go...please.
I dont care what they tell me. I'll carry on losing weight anyway
I'm fine with it. I'm happy to boast my weight loss.

5.) When you were first diagnosed with anorexia, what did you think?
I'm too fat to be anorexic. I have no significance to any of those doctors.
What do I care about the diagnosis. It wont change my routine.
How dare they tell me I have anorexia? I hate those doctors.
I always thought I was getting there: proud of it too.

6.) Someone gives you a box of chocolate chip cookies for a gift. What do you do?
Make it obvious I'm throwing them away.
Wish I could eat them. I sample one and end up bingeing. I hate myself.
Determinedly put them aside. Nuh-uh. If I decide to have one I'll work out to get rid of the calories.
They know I wont eat them. Do they want me to get fat? They do. They're all against me.

7.) You have a binge. How do you feel?
I'm so worthless. I can't even lose weight properly. I can't do anything right.
Make myself throw up. I want to feel proud of the amount of calories I've had and with that stuff still inside me I can't be.
Shout and scream. Why did I do that? I feel like tearing my hair out.
Tomorrow I'm going to starve myself.

8.) Finally, why did you take this quiz?
What kind of a lame question is that?
I read up everything I can about anorexia. I know everything there is to know about eating disorders, calories, metabolisms and diets.
Because I was bored with nothing to do and no one to talk to.
I'm anorexic!!!

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