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» Quiz: Pissy Missy Sissy
Pissy Missy Sissy
created by Sejiph

How well can you tick me off? or i you?

1.) how old R U?
13 and under
18 plus

2.) Are you an idiot/redneck?
Yehaw and floor it...lol
Yee doggy!
Uh, what?
no, I actually have an IQ higher than 3.
My iq is so above yours.

3.) What is your sexuality?
strait female
strait male
Bi male
Bi female
Gay male

4.) What is love/
Love? only lust!
um, fucking is fun.
Love is all you need!
A good balance between, love and sex. Love being dominant
I dispise love/dont belive it exists

5.) what is the most anoyying thing that you like to do?
scratch the chalkboard and whatch everybody squirm...marveolus.
tease the opposite sex.
Lie, a lot.
um.. im perfect.

6.) If you were angry, what would you do?
use you as a punching bag
cut myself, it promotes control
Metally extinguish it
put others down.

7.) your most likely to do what, If you knew a zombie.
feed with him/her/it
Do it... if ya know what I mean!
Run away crying and hope it doesnt get you.
wonder about it.
does it bite? taunt it.

8.) If you were shown the worst thing you have ever done, it would be?
Killing someone.
raping someone(against their will, I guess some people like that kinda stuff...)
Lieing to mommy.

9.) If you could have one power what would it be?
flying of course!
phsyco kinesis
meta morphing
Mind control

10.) Do you like the question whats your fav color?
mine is...
not again!
eh, ill live.

11.) if someone attack you with a knife you would
Moan, in pleasure
Bitchslap him
pull some kungfu shit on his white ass(you may suspect that hispanics or black do this most, but its the welfare ridden white guys...I am a white guy)

12.) the end of the world is in an hour you:
piss yourself
go get the kid down the street and bang him.
kill your nieghbor for fun
play video games

13.) guess what it didnt! what happens and how do you act?
I was charged with rape: I got all felt good while it happened, but now Im gonna get all guilty.
Murder... 1st degree. Ill blame eminem.
Videogames have no long lasting effects, but my eyes hurt, and now im grumpy.
nothing else happend I swear.

14.) You dont like someone so you:
beat him/her up
Tell rumors
Confront him/her
Try to aid them into a better sucessor(what the hell is wrong with you?)
do nothing, s/he doesnt really bother you.

15.) tV books games computer or Other stuff, like sports or goin on a larceny trip.
other stuff, sometimes sport related... lol

16.) ehich word descrbes you best?
Extrabetterness(thats not a word!)

17.) Select the place you like most:
someone of the opposite genders pants
In the temple of the mind
My happy place

18.) Do you like animals?
No infact I beat them... To DEATH!(tisk tisk shame on you!)
Yes, I love animals
I dont like or dislike animals
I dislike all animals, even humans

19.) what colors are in you rainbow?
only happy ones.
same as all other ones
Is that rainbow the effect from... ahem... never mind.
You mean those colors im seeing now?

20.) What do you smell like?
beer, and worms
just a plain old human
Dude, I just took a shower, what gives?(did ya give it back?)
Somethan, youll never know-Freak

21.) Did you know I am actually professional at pissing people off? I have to be in person though
you lie
Yup you certainly are
Damn your annoying!
wasnt i supposed to be annoyed?
I was to busy to listen
HEy, You never said nothin... I just read it.

22.) on a scale from one to ten how annoyed are you?
sry skip this question

23.) On a scale from one to ten, one being the highest, what are you?
A little to the right.
2, 3, 4, or 5
numero uno!

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