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» Quiz: Have you ever been spanked? By who?
Have you ever been spanked? By who?
created by Chelsea13

Have you ever been spanked? Well take this quiz and find out, and by who...

1.) Have you ever been spanked?
No, well dose my girlfriend/ boyfriend count?
Yes, but only by my mommy, I'm a bad little girl/ boy!!!
I don't know...
No, because I'm a good boy/ girl!!!

2.) Do you remember ever being spanked?
Yes, and it hurt too!
I don't know
I liked it, dose that answer your question!

3.) Do you like being spanked?
No, it hurts!
No, and I never have been spanked!

4.) Who spanks you?
my mommy
my girlfriend/ boyfriend
I don't know

5.) What did you get spanked with?
nothing, I've never been spanked!
my daddy' s belt... THWACK! THWACK! THWACK!!!
my mommy hand
someones hand/ or with something elce
I don't know

6.) Did it hurt?
Hell Ya!!!
No, I liked it!
yes, but I liked it!
I don't know because I've never been spanked before!
I don't know

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