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created by _bloodwork_

How emo are you?

1.) Do you own any Julian Theory albums?
YEAH ... who do think i am!!?!?!?!
i have one....but there really good
who the hell r julian theory?!?!?!

2.) Glasses with thick rims?
yes got loads of pairs
ive got one ::: or ::: im getting sum soon
Why wood i wanna look lyk a 4 eyes?!?

3.) Do you write songs and poems?
All the time
ive wriiten a couple
y should i waste time on that? its pointless

4.) If you do write them what are they about?
what ever i want

5.) Do you cry for ages over your songs?
Whenever i read them or hear them
sometiems...but when i dont i still feel sad :(
why should i cry over words? its stupid

6.) Do you like sleep?
I cant sleep im to busy crying
sometimes i find it hard to sleep because im depressesd
i always get the right amount of sleep so i look good the next day

7.) Taking Back Sunday?
hell yeah!
sure there good! :D
hoo the hell?

8.) What do you think of life?
I hate life i want it to all go away
sometimes i absolouly despise it
Why should i hate life i gonna keep on living?

9.) Ever fallen in love?
yeah... :(
Yeah i get all the ladies/boys

10.) Douse love crush you?
yesh i kills
i cant help feeling sad about it
No im a player

11.) If it was so bad and hurt so much...would you kill yourself or hurt yourself?
it depends
that stupid

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