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» Quiz: What St.Elmo's Fire character are you?
What St.Elmo's Fire character are you?
created by MissFortune

What St.Elmo's Fire character are you?

1.) If you were invited to a huge party what would you most likely be doing?
hanging out with atleast 2 girls/guys....being a party animal.....drunk and irresponsible...yeah it's not a party until somethin get's broken!
I'm the wallflower type sitting to the side....hiding with the guy that I'm supposed to be with but secretly pining away for the drunk irresponsible 1
Most likely getting into a fight...I'm drunk and can't handle my liquor...most likely I'm in the wrong...but ...hey-it's on
I'm not at the party at all...I threw it but the person I threw it to impress hasn't gotten there yet and so I'm out stalking him/her right now.
I'm drunk or high and dancing and flirting with everyone.....I'm hot and I know it...
I'm getting into a fight too and I didn't even do anything wrong....I'm always misunderstood....
My boy/girl friend is getting into a fight and making me look like a fool...this is the last straw....to think it was all only a hunch.

2.) What job are you most likely to have?
I don't really need a job...my daddy will take care of me and wants me to go into the family business...I want to help the poor and do charity.
I have a cushy office job...and it doesn't help that I'm sleeping my way to the top by banging my boss....I'm having fun and buying all kinds of stuff
I might be a musician in a bar...or work at a gas station or both...I'm the rebelious good looking one...and just want to play music
I can't decide what I want to be when I grow up....it all depends on the person I'm trying to impress at the moment-until then I wait tables.
I would most likely do something political....whatever pays the most....I feel how I feel inside but go where the money is.
I would most likely be a writer or artist of some kind...I'm trying to get across the meaning of life and will do it however I can.
Some random office job...or something else....who cares....

3.) Sexually you are....
I'm still a virgin...and no I didn't do Stewey Newman would you have done him?
banging my boss and a big tease....gotta get it....and know that my looks will help me get there.
I am not a one- person person...I play the field and have mine at home as well as whoever comes along and strikes my fancy...
I am pining over someone I will never be able to have and so I just masturbate to their pictures-the hookers think I'm gay....I'm in LOVE man!
I too am pining away for someone I'll never have...and so I am stalking them until I can have them...and praying that they don't call the cops.
I am in a steady relationship and faithful.....but if they fuck up I am soooo gonna get laid by a friend in a shower....just cause Im frustrated.
I'm in a steady relationship...but if there ain't a ring it don't mean a thing....I cant help it I'm only human.

4.) What is in your mind more than the others....
My true love..if they only knew how much I really love them and am the better person for them.
The death of my step monster.....fucking my boss.....climbing the ladder of success....drama drama drama
Helping poor people....getting a place of my very own and day dreams of the rebel guy/girl that my family wouldn't approve of.
Stalking the love of the moment...I mean my life....
Polotical issues....sex
my friends-and trying to not commit to my relationship

5.) Deep down you are....
An artist who wants to be taken seriously...jealous and immature....
Afraid that people will realize that I'm really not as fabulous as they think I am.
A good hearted person..who wants to settle down...but can't make up my mind/
Deep...in love....obsessed thank you...and not gay
Changable like the wind....indecisive and waiting to grow up into a man,.
A commitment phobe and not the type who should get married....I need to grow up alot.
A sweet person with a wild but soft side waiting to break free....a very good person...shy.

6.) Last question....if you had to ask the bartender for a drink what would you order?
Something fruity...or scotch on the rocks.
A gin and tonic....very mature
beers-shots-you name it I want it......are you buying?
Whatever the person I am into at the time is into..I want to impress them.
A virgin drink
I wouldn't ask the bartender...i'd be home writing and drinking in my room....thinking of the one I love.
Vodka tonic or sea breeze

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