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» Quiz: Which Teenage Subculture Do You Best Fit In? (Beta Version)
Which Teenage Subculture Do You Best Fit In? (Beta Version)
created by Tornado_Creator

There are many teenage subcultures: Goth, Punk, Computer Geek etc. Which one do you best fit in? There's 12 different groups. Lets see what you get. This is the beta version. A larger more detailed test is on the way.

1.) What is your faveorite combination of colours?
Black and Red
Black, Black and more Black
Black and Pink
Black, Gray and Pastle Greens
Grays and Earthy colours
Psychodelic Rainbow
Emerald Green
Blue, Red and Green
Black and White
White and Red
White, Blue and Yellow
Anything except Black

2.) What clothes do you prefer to wear?
Anything Black
School shirts with graffiti on and really loose ties.
Whatever feels comfortable
Gold chains and hoodies
Fish net tights and torn clothes that make me look sexy.
Leather trenchcoat, Flares, Black or Red stuff......
Anything that barely covers my bra.
Footie gear
Sencible clothes. Nothing to outrageous.
My Dragonball Z T-shirt.
T-Shirt and jeans works for me
Tracksuits. I like Nike and Reebok.

3.) Which bands are you most likely to listen to?
Eminem, D12, R Kelly ... and any other rap.
Linkin Park, Green Day, Evanescence etc.
Oasis, Pulp, The Verve, Coldplay .... good stuff basically
50 Cent, Blazin' Squad and the like.
Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Sum41 ... the new age punk basically.
DJ Otzi, Scooter.
Switchblade Symphony, Dimmi Borgir, Killswitch Engage....
KoRn, lostprophets, Muse, SOAD, InME
Mozart or Brahms
The theme music to Final Fantasy 7
Anything with Japanese Origin.
Music does not interest me. I like sports

4.) What is your fave passtime?
Using my computer to surf the net.
Playing/Watching football.
Homework, Coursework or some kind of strage experiment.
Dancing in a Club
Hangin out at MacDonalds
Skating and spraypainting things
Listening to my music in my room VERY LOADLY.
Going to a Goth Club till the early hours
Hanging around on the streets just .... hanging..... maybe pick a fight for a laugh
Playing playstation. I love Tifa from Final Fantasy 7
Chatting to friends via the internet, phone or in person if I can be bothered getting up.
Driving round the town in my car with the radio pumping out some vibes.

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