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» Quiz: Which Practical Magic Character are You?
Which Practical Magic Character are You?
created by PracticalMagkWitch

Quiz taken from the MOVIE. For boys and girls.

1.) You are approached by a needy woman asking for a love spell, what do you do?
Say get the bird!
Throw her out of the house screaming darn nuts!
Say get the book
Rub her back and say you dont need magic to find love
Pull out a gun and say put your hands above your head!
Say pull up a chair and grab a beer.

2.) Your husband or wife dies, you?
Go screaming to your family of how much you miss him.
Pull out the spell book, RESURRECTION!
Go looking for clues, as to his murder.
Shrug you shoulders and say oh well.
Cry your eyes out.

3.) You find a spell book in your kitchen, you?
Run away!
Open it.
Dust it.
Use the paper to roll a cigar.
Use it.
Read it.

4.) You bury someone in your back yard, you?
Say is he rising or are we sinking?
Are scared and nervous all the time.
Make sure it is not completly visible.
Put your cigar out on the burial spot.
Cast a spell to seal his grave.
Have tea with it.

5.) What is your opinion on love?
Tease me baby!
In the Dark!
With a tequila bottle.
With crime scene photos.
Old Victorian style.

6.) Do you want to fall in love?
I can't wait to fall in love!
I hope I never fall in love.
You were always on my mind...
One green eye; one blue. Yes mam I do.

7.) What is evil to you?
My ex-boyfriend that tried to kill me.
Little Kids.
Nothing because I'm EVIL TOO!
Everything, Where's my badge?!?
Anything that is younger than me!

8.) What's your favorite song?
If You Ever Did Believe.
Got To Give It Up (Pt. 1)
Is This Real?
Always On My Mind.

9.) How do you light candles?
With a match, duh!
With my mystical breath.
With another candle.
With a hot poker.
With anything on fire at the moment.
With magical herbs!

10.) What's your favorite?
Maria's hanging rope.

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