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» Quiz: Your Psych-Ward diagnosis
Your Psych-Ward diagnosis
created by zen

The first ever test on zenhex.com. Very popular. Moved to the quiz section to improve scoring and performance. Please Note: This quiz is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

1.) You are pulled over by the police. You are instructed to perform a sobriety test by walking on a white line.
You cry
Anything you want, officer! Just don't club me!
Yes Officer! You have my cooperation. Anything to make you happy.
You get your gun from under your seat. You'd rather go down shooting than cooperate.
I'm sorry officer, what was I supposed to do again? I forgot what you asked me
I knew I should have stayed home tonight!
You never trust the cops, they are all really aliens!
But that line is not perfectly straight!
I need to rub my lucky rabbit's foot first!
I'm the line-walking champion! Let me at it!
What?!?! Noooo!!! I'm too nervous to walk that line! It's not fair. You will think I am drunk.
I can't perform while everyone is watching!

2.) A friend comes to visit and offers to share some Magic Mushrooms with you.
Hell ya! Can I have some extra to sell on the streets too?
You decline because the whole process is too difficult and time consuming
You'll try anything, your life sux anyway.
Who needs shrooms? I'm already hallucinating!
You say no fearing your friend is trying to poison you.
You agree but only if you can wash them four times because you hate consuming dirty stuff
Give them to me and leave. I want to do them alone.
You partake of shroom but soon fall into panic about what will happen to you.
Will it affect me all day? I still have a lot to get done and I'm in the mood to accomplish stuff.
Decline because you fear you'll end up having flashback to some traumatic event in your past!
Never! This stuff might upset your routines and destroy your adherence to stability.
I will do it if you want me to. I need the aproval of my friends

3.) Your mother just told you that you are the worst child a parent could ever have.
OmiGawd! I knew it! I always knew she hated me!
Good, I don't like you either. Don't bother me anymore, mother!
Please Mom! I'm Sorry! Please forgive me for whatever I've done!
Does this mean I don't have to come to weddings and family functions anymore?
Say you don't mean it. I will wallow in tears for months if you don't take it back.
Yeah, okay, whatever. Can I have my cookie now?
You're not really my mom anyway. Admit it!
I can't take it!!! I cannot deal with this right now!! :loose control:
I'm sorry, I missed that. What did you say about me?
Go to hell, Mom! You bitch!
You are lucky I'm not in one of my depressed moods, mom! I wouldn't be able to handle it

4.) You've got the afternoon completely free! What do you do?
It doesn't matter, you do the same thing every afternoon no matter what.
Anything that's quick, fun, and not overly complicated.
Depends on how you feel. You might take a nap. You might clean, work on a project, and never stop til you drop.
Something that will help you escape those visions and feelings from the past that have been haunting you.
Catch up on some sleep because you haven't been sleeping well at night lately.
Whatever it is, you will do the same thing over and over until you feel you have it right!
Anything that doesn't involve people. Relax and be alone.
People aren't bad, as long as they don't mess with me.
Go out and look for excitement, specially if it involves risk!
Find someone to hang with. You hate to be alone!
What ever those voices in your head tell you to do.

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