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» Quiz: What discipline of horse riding are you?
What discipline of horse riding are you?
created by helmelmoose

Ever wondered whether dressage really was your thing? Finding barrel racing a chore? Jumping getting on your nerves? Or just plain nosey? Lol. Do this quiz to find out just exactly which discipline you should be in, in the horse world.

1.) How much would you pay for a horse?
A lot. It needs to be a lot. It has to be PERFECT!
The quicker it is. the more I pay
As long as it is a horse thats fine by me
If it can jump 4ft I'll pay anything
If it bends, its mine! No matter what the price is!
It has to be fit. Otherwise I dont pay much.
As long as i can love it, I dont really care!
W/e. Your wierd

2.) How high would you usually jump?
Jump???? Who said anything about jumping? I dont jump!
Whatever I feel like. It depends what mood the horse is in.
I cant usually be bothered jumping!
I would jump, the problem is my horse is too fast!
I jump anything as long as it is a fast and tight round
A nice 2ft 6 spread. Make my horse think a bit.
A 4ft upright. Straight away. No warm up. Have to jump. Have to!!!!

3.) You are at a competition and your horse acts up. What do you do?
Ignore it. Its just excited.
A show? I dont go to them.
Go on in and do my class anyway. It'll calm down sooner or later.
Walk it round, let it have a chance to settle down.
Wind it up even more. It'll give you more speed.
Give it a smack, shout at it and make it go in the class.

4.) At school/work, what type of person are you?
I'm the quiet one, who gets on with his/her work and has no friends and gets bullied all the time. I prefer to spend time with my horses.
I'm popular with my friends, but I dont bother about all the really cool people.
School? I dont go there. I hang around the horses instead!
School is school.
Stop talking about school!
Im THE best popular.
Whatever. Dont really bother about school.

5.) What is your favourite colour of horse?
Grey. SOOO much elegance.
Black. So superior.
Chestnut. They're wilder!
Roan. So much more intresting!
Bay. Lovely colour.
White. Is that a colour?
Any colour I dont mind!

6.) And finally, What best describes you?
Smart and successful
Elegant and graceful.
Organised and careful.
Shy and quiet
Always on the go.
Just take things as it comes!
I like to know what i'm doing, but I'm not organised, just planned.

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