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» Quiz: How will you commit suicide?! (PICS!!!)
How will you commit suicide?! (PICS!!!)
created by XxXDeathsLastWishXxX

How will you commit suicide, FIND OUT HERE!(PICS!!)

1.) How would you like to die?
Lay there high until things kick in
Slowly, the watch myself get sleepy and faint. Then die.
Jumping then taking my last breath
Firey blaze and take any fucker I can with me!
Pull a trigger and that's that. I'm gone

2.) What's you favorite color?
Purple, like my face before I die
Red, the color of blood
Oranges, red, anything with flames
Black, something sleek and easy.
Rainbow, all colors mix with me..

3.) What's your (or was) your favorite subject in school?
P.E, easy A
Health Class, it taught me all the ways to mix things...
Shop... I loved being around the ropes, tools, everything...
Chem, taught me lovely mixtures...
Sewing, something calm and easy and near needles.

4.) After you die, what would you like the world to do about it?
Moron my passing and see my secret pain.
Ignore me like they always did..
Cut me down and bury me... ?
Feel my pain, moron my death, and remember me forever. No one saw this coming..
Suffer, like they made me suffer!

5.) Describe your emotions..
Sad, alonely, hatred
Depressed, alone, lifeless, sad
Scared, tweaked, afriad of what i just took. Alone
Alone, Pain, hate, sadness, depression, in need of sympathy
Hatred, toward myself and others.

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