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» Quiz: Which Inuyasha Character would you fall in love with(Girls only)(revised)
Which Inuyasha Character would you fall in love with(Girls only)(revised)
created by Pharoes_Goddess159

Oh just Take it!

1.) Yes we have the first Question!! ::Insert evil laugh here:: Your in the woods... Which of the fallowing would you more then likely have with you?
I'll have my team mates with me! You always need your friends/Family with you.
I will have my pack... and i'll always be on the look out for any cutie that might pass.::drool:: can't live without the cuties!
My Sword! I'll prolly leave my Imp behind... he's such an annoying lil suck up! ::growl::
Well Jewl shards so I can defeat my enemy! He broke my beloveids heart! He shall die!
I have my Incarations with me. They do all my dirty work for me... :: fingers tapping as I plot::

2.) Okay... Your are faced with your enemies... how would you defeat them?
I would set a perfect trap. They would fall for it and then drop like flys. giving me the jewl shards. ::evil laugh::
I would swing my sword hope it hit it's mark... I'll learn how to use it .... soon...I hope..
Well I'm stong and I have my friends to help me! We shall Defeat any foe!
I might have to resort to nasty messures. But brut force is always a good chose. maybe a charm or two.
I shall tell them what their faults are before attacking. They should know how worthless they are before they die.

3.) First color that comes to mind is? Bite me if you don't like it.
purple or something equally as dark.
Gold or something Earthy. We must love the earth. Yes we must.
Brown.... Nothing special just brown...
Red. Bright fire engein red.
:: bites the quiz maker on the butt:: That'll teach you to mess with me!
:: glares and starts to plot her Revenge..:: you shall die horribly....
I don't get it. What does color have to do with the quiz?
::growls... and attacks on a whim... ::
::Rases a brow before silently walking away.::
I don't really care

4.) What kinda Music do you like from the list? If you like more then one then choose one that aplies to you more.
Heavy Metal.
Golden Oldies.

5.) Which do you like more from the list?
What?? ::scraches her head:: I don't get it.
Roman Noodles...
My swoard...
Men! ::chases the names guy that passes::
My puppets.. demon, human, and otherwise.

6.) what was your rateing...?
Die you evil woman!
uh... your a female::glares::I want all the cuties....
I shall not save you when your dieng...
I guess it was okay... :: mutters cuse i'm being prodded to be nice::

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