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» Quiz: what kind of girlfriend are you? (girls only)
what kind of girlfriend are you? (girls only)
created by kidviciousismyman

are you okay, perfect, not very good, or obsessive...find out by taking this quiz!

1.) about how many times does he cross you mind in one hour?
0-1 u only think of him when that cute guy walks by that wears the same cologne.
2-5 if your at school your mind is usually on the books. no time for him rite this second.
5-10 you manage to squeeze a mental image of him during your american history exam.
15 or more. your wondering if he's flirting with that girl he always looks at or if he's thinking of you too.

2.) if you think he's been sneaking around behind your back you...
run up to him the second you think that and scream at him for an explanation to where he was last nite.
the next time you are talking to him on the phone you make a mean comment about his other girl friend so-and-so
that nite you call him and say ur friend saw him and a girl together
that nite on the phone you calmly ask him about it and say you just were wondering cuz he was acting suspicious.

3.) he cancels your date last minute to go with his best friend to the arcade before his best bud is shipped off to bootcamp. he says he'll call you when he gets back. you...
sit by the phone for the rest of the nite. your not moving till he calls.
feel fine about it. there is always tomorrow nite.
complain that you now have to find something ELSE to wear for tomorrow, laughing along with him at your completely narcissistic statement.
say how much you hate his best bud for the 1000th time. you hate it when your man cancels last minute for that crappy kid he calls a friend.

4.) he cheats on you and admits it before the whole school finds out and saves you a lot of embarressment. but he still cheated. you...
dump him. i cant believe he'd do that to me *sob*
tell him this is his last chance, while crying your eyes out. one more slip up and its over.
yell and scream at him. dump him. and everytime you see him you throw something at him or call him a really mean name.
go out and kill the girl. then you chain up your man so he wont do it again.

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