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» Quiz: Which Boy Meets World Character are You?
Which Boy Meets World Character are You?
created by Dragon of Flame

Ever watch Boy Meets World? You can see it on ABC at 5/4central on the weekdays. You can also see it on Disney Channel at 12 midnight and 3am. Anyway, if you're a big fan of that show you know that each character has a unique personality. Find out which character you are most similar to with this test. Thanks!

1.) Which College Would you Prefer?
Pennebrook State University all the way. I just want my dearest friends to go with me! :-D
Lets just hang in the hawaiian state, you know with all the hawaiians? Right?
Why are you asking me this?!?! I don't have to decide this yet do I?
I can get into any college I want! I don't have to choose. But I want to be with my love..No matter what happens.
Look, who says I need college anyway?
Well I'm pretty stable. I'm comfortable with the one I've picked.
Are you kidding me, man?!?!?

2.) How is you're relationship with you're father?
It was never that good, and he's passed away.....I never even knew him........
Well we talk. But we JUST talk. Never do anything sportsy or adventurous. -sigh-
Oh, we talk, we have fun. It's all good.
-Crys- He fights with mom too much
Oh well I don't see him too much but we have a great relationship otherwise.
His drinking pals are closer to him than I am..

3.) Your Ideal Date Would be,
(When I said date I mean as a person okay?) I l'd like my date to mostly...be sweet and nice.
I'd mostly like my date to be, Funny and Caring...
Cute, Sweet, Just a darling...
Feisty, In charge, yet kind and sensitve.
Romantic, Sweet, Mysterious.
Mysterious, Understanding, Kind and Caring.
Smart, Sensible, Interesting.

4.) What do you think of yourself?
I hate this hair! And ...well..I guess thats it..
HAHA Are you kidding me? I'm hott. Probably hotter than you. Oh hell for SURE I am hotter than you. I mean..just look at me! -Big smile-
I'm hot and thats All I got to say.
I'm comfortable with my appearance.
Look at my hair! I've got a 30 foot range..(guess who this is lol :-p)
I like my body, I like my face, I'm pretty good looking I think.
I---...this isn't the kind of question you should be asking ya know..

5.) Clothing Style?
Anything comfortable. Just not leather..neVER
I look good in anything
Pink! Anything pink or girly screw what dad or mom says..
Long Skirts, Cute T-shirts...
Baggy EQUALS Good Baggy pants, Loose shirts, ya know.
Expressive clothes. Lots of color and stuff.
Vests, Plaid, Slacks, need I say more?
I'm comfortable wearing anything really.

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