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» Quiz: What High School Stereotype Are You?
What High School Stereotype Are You?
created by silentscreams

I think the concept is pretty obvious...

1.) What's your favorite subject in school?
Well...I never really show up to school. I'd rather ditch it and go skating.
I like the art and music classes, but other than that it's a waste of time
I dropped out. Fuck that man.
I don't really notice my classes. I spend most of my time coming up with plans to kill everyone.
Dude I love my guitar class! Is that punk or what?
I love my fashion class, I made a skirt last week!!!
I don't have a personal favorite. I like them all.
I love all my math and science classes, I tak eas many of them as I can!

2.) What's you're favorite color?
I don't have time for shit like that man.
wheee...look at all the pretty colors!
Blacks, silver..anything dark
Silver like my studs
black..like death
Black...cause that's the punkest color..right?
Pink, yellow, anything bright!
the colors on my football jersey.
red, blue, anything normal is fine.
I don't have time for colors...I've got homework to do

3.) What do you usually wear?
My Vans, shorts, and a Hurley shirt. I bring my skateboard everywhere I go.
I wear the same thing everyday..man do I smell like shit
Sweaters, bands shirts, collared shirts. Jeans. Nothing special.
chucks or boots. concert tees, pants. I've got an awesome mohawk too.
black, black, and more black. Baggy pants and sarcastic tee shirts.
Dickies and stuff from Hot Topic! I also wear lots of studs and pins and those plastic bracelets.
bright colors. Skirts, cute shirts. Tight pants.
Sports Jerseys
Whatever I can find thats semi-cool at a good price.
Dress pants, button up shirts. All freshly ironed of course.

4.) Where do you shop?
Pacific Sunwear
..i dont remember....got any weed?
Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops
I get my shirts from shows, and order everything else from interpunk.com
Those dark creepy stores that sell lots of weird stuff..muwhaha
Hot Topic
Aero, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister, Wet Seal..places like that
Sports Authority
Department Store
I don't have time to shop, my mom buys my clothes.

5.) What kind of music do you listen to?
Skate Punk (Sum 41, The Distillers )
Reggae (Bob Marley)
Emo (Thursday, Cursive, The Promise Ring)
Punk (Rancid, The Casualties, NOFX)
Metal or Industrial (Metallica, NIN, Slipknot)
Pop Punk (Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Avril)
Hip-Hop or Pop (Usher, Britney, Christina, Justin)
I don't listen to music, I'm always at football practice
Whatever's on the radio
Classical (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart)

6.) Where can you most likely be found when you're not at school?
At the skatepark
Getting high in the backseat of someone's car
Writing poetry in my room
At a local show with my band
Alone in my basement with sharp objects..
At a party!
At football practice
Hanging out with my friends doing somehting fun

7.) Pick an object...
I dunno...
Math book

8.) Choose the phrase you agree with the most...
Skating is life.
What? wooo look at the colors!
Silent tears flow down my face as I remember what we had..
Fuck you! Bring more beer!
The point of life is to die..so why wait?
Up on the rooftop. listening to punk rock
It's party time!
Game on!
Life is good
If you study hard, you will go far.

9.) Do you believe in love?
I dont care about that shit man
yeah..suure..i love to smoke
love is what crushes me everyday.
nah not really.
i love the darkness
i love punk!
Of course..what would i do without my boyfriend/girlfriend?
huh? oh sorry...wait im confused...
Yeah I guess....
I love to learn..does that count?

10.) What is the one thing you hate the most?
When I run out of weed
To be happy
When I'm sober
People calling me a poser
Staying home on a Friday night
When the season ends
I have no idea
When I've got no homework

11.) What do you usually watch on TV?
Viva la Bam
don't watch TV
some sad drama movie
fuck TV
i broke my TV
mtv and the fashion network
whatever's on that looks interesting
Sci-fie, the history channel or the news

12.) What did you think about this quiz?
It was pretty sweet
what? this was a quiz?
ehh it was ok
it fucking sucked
i dont care
it totally rawked!
YAY! it was fun!
you said football a lot...awesome
it was ok I guess..
I found it rather boring and pointless

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