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» Quiz: What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?
What Kind of Soul Do You Retain?
created by Daggerlyn

Everyone is unique, from their eyes to their voice and even to their very soul. Mayhaps this test will unveil what soul you retain? Though, the soul itself knows best.

1.) You are walking down the street and you see a man with dreadlocks and a tattered sweatshirt leaning against an alleyway wall. He looks at you with eyes of shame. Do you...
Walk past him and avoid eye contact.
Smile at him cheerfully and offer him to eat lunch with you.
Remember when YOU were in his state and feel both merciful and want to help him out, but at the same time want nothing to do with your past.
Sit down and talk with the man and share life stories and later offer him a place to stay, partially because he has inspired you.
Look at him with disgust and take pride in the fact you won't end up like that.

2.) Which of these items appeals to you more?
Black rose
A bottle of hard liquor
A mirror
Pink ribbon

3.) Which items is least appealing to you.
An autobiography of your life
Broken lightbulb
A window
An angel figurine
A glass of cold, muddy rainwater

4.) If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
The way society tries to stamp out creativity in the hearts and minds of children at the critical time between being a kid and being an adult.
The way every time that I flip on my television, there is always some miracle medicine, or pschological bull, or inspirational religious books.
That they don't teach kids about disappointment and false hope and that they learn all too late that the world isn't all sunshine.
I wouldn't. It's not my place. I'm only one person.
The fact that there are so many forsaken, lonely people that are living and breathing all around us and no one cares to notice their pain.

5.) What color seems most appropriate for you?
No color. I don't really have much substance metaphorically to place it in a catagory.
It changes very often... but green is a standard; to grow, flourish, to die, and then to come again in warm light...

6.) Are you pro-abortion?
I believe it is sad that the little baby cannot chose themselves, but the parents decision seems to be the gray area.
Absolutely. They won't suffer.
No! A life is a life, no matter how small! It would be like murder kept silent.
I don't care. It's not my life.
I'm not sure. Unless I was the parent, it's not a question worth thinking about too much.

7.) What is your philosophy on love?
There is someone out there who will show you love and you may love whomever you wish! You just have to look...
It doesn't
With it, you are opening yourself for endless pain. But, without it, you'll never know which misery is worst.
Love happens! Go with the flow!
... I haven't had any to really know how to answer this question.

8.) There is a door. Where does it go?
No where... imbecile.
I might never find out because it's hard to tell whether or not I'd open it.
To an empty room.
Outside, in the world!
Someplace even more uniquely lovely than the place on the other side!

9.) What is your favorite way of comunication?
Poetry and song!
The kind that involves me not getting my foot stuck in my mouth!
Speech and the telephone.
E-mails, instant messages, letters... I like to be careful about what I say and I don't enjoy... being around... people...
Talking straight up, not beating around the bush!

10.) Finally, your view on death.
Our souls rise to the cosmos and we become One with what has given us lives and minds and emotions... but we must wait and see who the Divine is.
We go on to a place of neverending love and we are never sad nor angry again... a True Peace.
Something along the lines of Hell. We all do things that we know are wrong. No one's perfect. But as a whole, we have screwed up big.
Beauiful in the fact we won't remember anything!
It's dark... and lonely. But, luckily, we cannot fathom it. I don't plan to.

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