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» Quiz: which hellboy character are you?
which hellboy character are you?
created by tablesidepox

1.) what do you like to do in your spare time?
Eatting baby rum, feeding my cats and filing my horns down with a sander
Reading as many books as I can ( that I havent already read) and eatting rotten eggs
raising creatures from their graves to do my dirty work and bring me one step to world domination!
being alone I'm a threat to society, probably just sit and listen to music...try not to get close to anything flameable
I'm not sure just hang around with the group, I'm glad to do what ever any one else is doing just as long as I live through it

2.) whats your fighting style?
I hide behind someone stronger
I build up my rage and feel it burn through my body, burn enemies..BURN!
use my creatures of the night to crush any who stand against me
supply useful information and hope it helps I'm not a very hands on person
I fight for myself and by myself, I don't need others getting in my way it only means I'll have to scrape their remains of the walls

3.) how would you act if your better half was with another male/female?
slice them into tiny pieces and sacrifice their unworthy souls to your dark lord
go out with someone else that should teach them!
sulk and accept that no one wants me ..oh woe is me
theres more fish in the sea..so to speak
stalk them and mutter comments under my breath and if he/she so much as looks at them funny peg a rock at their head!

4.) whats your favorite colour?
black like my little non-existant heart
calming colours like pastels
umm I'm not sure...I like what everyone else likes

5.) whose your perfect date?
someone who can breathe under water.
someone to share my black dreams with
someone who understands me but knows when to back off
someone I could constantly cling too..oh and if they had a good personailty that would also be good

6.) weapon of choice
my own powerful fist and extrem strength
I'm not one for combat I'd rather run away
evil minions are always helpful
my pyro kinetic powers
ah just let the stronger person take care of business

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