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created by curious_gurl69

ill be frank. im only writing this quiz to get myself wet... but hopefully you will get wet too! :)

1.) ok ur at a party and a strange girl comes up and starts grinding up against you. she then takes you into a bedroom and asks you how she can please you. you answer:
let me eat you out and fuck you with the strap on HARD!!! i want to make you moan....
eat my pussy and bite my nipples bitch!!
69 baby!
feel my ass and lick me while i suck ur tits
fuck me HARD
let me make out with you and finger you and make you bleeeeeeed
shove ur tongue up my pussy and make me moooooan

2.) when u have sex, the most common position yoU two will be in is:
facing eachother on the bed
you on top with the strap on nad feeling her tits
her on top and u getting the pleasure

3.) you and a friend are straight. youre masturbating next to each other and her pussy is REALLY wet... you're getting wetter just looking at it... you:
grab her and rip off her clothes then you make her rub her vagina against yours
slowly move closer to her and lick her ear, then her face and start to make out. you finger her and she fingers you
jump on her, and fuck her hard and long
slowly take off her shirt, then suck her juicy nipples. sitting on her, you tie her down and eat her pussy and eat her cum while groping her tits
tell her that she's the hottest thing you've ever seen and you've been wanting to eat her out for aaaages. then you french her and eat her out
go straight to the 69er
make out with her as you play with her tits and she fingers you

4.) you're at an all girls camp and an older girls comes into your tent and starts to take off your shirt. she undoes ur bra and sucks ur nipples and in an instant ur nipples go hard. she sits on you and makes out with you. then she pulls off ur pants and licks up ur leg, then sucks ur pussy and kisses it while pinching ur nipples. you:
let her... obviously!
take off her clothes, jump on her and stick ur tongue up her pussy while groping her ass... yummy!
pull her up and make out with her while you rub your pussies against eachother and feel eachothers asses and tits
pull off her top and suck her boobs... you just love tit! then you pull her up and suck her pussy and spank her
you feel ur boobs and moan

5.) your lover asks you to help her masturbate. you:
help her for a little bit, but then you pull off ur pants andwatch her masturbate while fingering yourself
help her by giving her lots of foreplay, but then end up fucking her hard
help her by licking her body and then let her lick you back

6.) think of your first lesbian experience. you were:
fucking her hard!
being spanked and licked and fucked
kising each other and pretty much doing everything equally
on the bottom with her pussy being rubbed all over your body and her hands were holding your tits and ass

7.) will you u2u me?
fuck yeh

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