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» Quiz: What clothing store are you?
What clothing store are you?
created by MoBecca

To find out what store you most represent!!

1.) Whats you dream guys...
Hot model from France right off the run-way
Laid back surfer from cali
Scene kid whit black hair and a skateboard
Hot guy that confident enough to wear pink
Who cares what he looks like as long as he is noce

2.) How much money wuold you spend on a pair of underwear?
Underwear...who wears underwear??
1-5 dollars (bulk pack)
If there cute why not splurge...20 dollars
As long as there deisnger i'd spen millions
like 8 dollars

3.) What shoes are you wearing...
black convers
hot pink stilletos
baby blue fake uggs
Roxy skater shoes
white addidas
Nothing i prefer walking around with bear feet

4.) what type of underwear are you wear.
Little breifs with Paul Frank monkeys all over them
Lacy pink ones with a 100 dollar price tag
Cute brand name ones with vibrant colors on them
white ones that came in a 5 pack
Checkers grans

5.) What does you room look like?
Band stickers, 2 guitars couple empty bottles and some posters
Perfect...right out of the potery barn magizine
Cute, cluter freee with hot posters of boys/girls on them
Totally orginized..with matching boxes
a little messy...with lil mokeys and cute little animals all over!
Room...well its to messy to even open the door

6.) Music
Emo, punk, ska...
Hip-hop & pop punk...depends on my mood
Fake rock and pop
Lindsay lohan and brittney spears.
what evers on my ipod

7.) Favorite colors
Black and hot pink
Orange and silver
Rusty blue and pink
yellow and red
Green and purple

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