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» Quiz: How suicidal are you?
*How suicidal are you?* *(AWSOME PIX!)*
created by Suicidal_Amber

Wanna find out how suicidal you are? If you do then try my quiz!

1.) How often do you think about suicide?
I think about it every day...
I dont really keep track, I dont really have an answer to the question.
Once every two weeks.
When dont I think about suicide!?!?!

2.) What colour do you like outta the colours below? (Sorry I have to ask this questions)
Black > Its the colour of nothingness.
Dark Blue > Reminds me of the never ending sky.
Dark Green > Reminds me of the grass that I lay on in the winter
Crimson Red > Reminds me of the blood that comes outta my wrists when I cut myself.

3.) Think about this... Your alone in your house with all the time in the world to do whatever the heck you want, what do you do?
I go play my Game Cube! ( Or X box, PS, PS2 exc exc )
Get out the knife, time to let out some stress!
Turn on some Heavy Metal. ( Loud of course )
Lay in bed thinking about how there is no point in me living anymore.

4.) What kinda clothing do you wear?
Lots of different colours, normally there dark but someday I can pull off a light blue or something along those lines.
What ever colour makes me look hot that day! ( or handsome ... if your a guy )
Black and Dark blue's, anything else just isnt cool.
(Shurg) I dont care.

5.) When you have to go to the washroom and you are in the middle of cutting your wrist, do you go?
Of course I dont wanna get a bladder infection!
Never, I would rather piss myself then leave while in the middle of doin something that makes me feel so good.
What kinda Question is that? Well this question is gay!
Depending on how mad/pissed/angry I am, I might go I might not... it all depends.

6.) What kinda music do you listen to?
Punk stuff
Rock stuff
Anything... depending of my mood of course.
Heavy Metal stuff
Rap stuff

7.) Last Question... promise. What do you think you are?
I think I am extreamly suicidal... If you say I am not suicidal I will kill myself tonight!
I know im suicidal... its the only thing I think about.
I cant even think straight right now... the only thing going threw my head is suicide.
I dont know... thats why im doin this test to find out... duh!

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