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» Quiz: Which Holy Grail Character Are You?
Which Holy Grail Character Are You?
created by zen

This is a huge quiz. 25 posible results. Everyone from King Arthur to the Prisoner in the Dungeons of Camelot.

1.) What is your opinion of Castles, Keeps and medievil architecture?
Castles are not complete unless it is a slumber party there every night and you have a grail shaped beacon over the towers.
I would build my castle in a foreign land and taunt the locals there.
The only Castle I know is the one that belongs to my master and King.
I hate Castles. They are symbols of feudal repression!
I don't know castles because my other personalities choose where we go.
A Castle is a prison for the Princes and Princesses who live under the thumb of the King and Queen.
I'd like to be a Princess with handmaidens to attend to my every need and want.
Castles are nice, but it's all about the land. Land is Power!
I enjoy the peaceful architecture of medieval monestaries and churches.
I'd rather live and work in a village with houses and huts and everything at close convenience.
But the castle stones look so cold and hard and not very comfortable living.
Camelot! The round table! I shall rule as King!
Castles are nice but I much prefer seeking the excitement of battle.
Bridges are the most pure form of architecture. You could not cross natures great divides without them.
You humans and your silly buildings. I'll take a cozy hole in the ground or thicket of brush.
I live in the sky, not on the ground. I am everywhere and I see everything.
Chateau du lac
Siege Perilous
The Dark forboding shroud of nature's forest is much more appealing then anything man made.
I'll take a nice private medieval home in the forest where I can practice my magic and herbal arts in peace.
I do not like enclosed places. I am closterphobic and I'm afraid of starting fires too.
I would prefer do be outside gardening and especially landscaping with shrubs and plants.
I am an adventurous soul that seeks to roam the world (with my musical minstrels)

2.) When threatened or backed into a corner, what is your reaction?
Proclaim loudly and proudly my regal superiority and threaten punitive consequences.
I am invincible. I move for no man!
Riddle and confuse them
Mind my own business but attack with flying fury if approached.
Mere mortals are of no consquence to me.
Fight with galantry and chivilry
Conquer my fears and face that which comes as it comes
Run Away!!!
Use my wit, intelligence, and cunning ability to bullshit. hehe
I will say 'Ni again unto you until you appease me
Use sorcery or magic herbs to defeat my enemies
I shall cast fire from my very hands to inflict my wrath upon ye
What! I am a simple person who arranges plants, shrubs, and trees
Run away and come back pretending to be my twin.
My master defends my honor.
Taunt them to death
Debate the validity of the system of authority which has brought about these repressive circumstances.
Debate with my alter personalities about whether to kill them
Send out a plea for help in hopes that a hero will come to save the day
Whimper and cry to my friends
I fear not. Life is not to be taken seriously. My religion tells me so.
Stand defiant
Clap my hands and rejoice

3.) Yes, I am sorry to do this to you, but this is the obligatory PICK A COLOR question.
Dark Grey
Baby Blue
Dull brown
Envy Green
Powder Pink
A Rainbow
Royal Blue
Virgin White
Pitch Black
Midnight Blue
Robin Red
Golden Fire
Shadow Black
Royal Red

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