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» Quiz: How wet can you make me? (guys and lez/bi girls)
How wet can you make me? (guys and lez/bi girls)
created by The_skull

just read the title

1.) ok... Fav color?

2.) Alright, I'm 5'5, green eyes, long brown hair, and a great bod... bra size is a 38 C... ok... We're in a room all alone. I'm wearing a very short, tight mini skirt and i start to scoot closer to you, what do you do?
grab my hand and just sit there, maybe watch a movie
grab my boobs
slide your hand under me and brab my ass
reach over and slide your hand up my skirt and start fingerin me
straddle me and start fuckin me hard

3.) alright, it's Christmas, and my gift to you is me.. you get to do ANYTHING you want, and i won't protest or try to stop you, what do you do?
bring you over to a couch where we cuddel and watch movies all night
have a candle lit dinner then go on up to the bedroom for a little fun
start stripping and then rip my clothes off, throwing me down then start fucking and fingering all night
strip me and start fingering me then make me suck your dick or eat you out

4.) ok, we go to the movies and i accidently touch your crotch...
grab my hand and stuff down your pants, making me grab your penis or if your a
smile and continue watching the movie after i apologize but you end up getting dirty thoughts in your head the rest of the night
tell me to keep my hand where it is while you wrap your arm around me
reach over and start caressing my thight with your fingertips then move your hand into my pants and massage my hot wet pussy
grab my hand and push it away

5.) alright, last one... if i were to do anything our of these, which would it be?
strip dance for you and then give you a lapdance
handcuff you to a chair and then eat you out/give you a blowjob
throw you down and start fucking
start riding you, then give you a facial with my vagina

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