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» Quiz: What Kind of Guy Do You Attract?
What Kind of Guy Do You Attract?
created by chillininpeace

1.) What kind of ride do you jump into night?
on a motorcycle
any car w/ a big back seat
a mustang

2.) When you look at a Lollypop, what do you see?
a penis
why would i see a penis?
something that makes me look cool
how many lick does it take to get to the center?

3.) What do you research on the internet?
toys that involve vibration
my investments
kick ass boots
murder laws in diferrent states

4.) Do you believe in God?
yeah. didn't he create penises and vaginas
nope. there is only the devil.
yes. i go to church everyday w. both of my parents
yeah. sure

5.) What did you think of this quiz?
it kinda turned me on.
it was fine
it was odd

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