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» Quiz: In ancient greek mythology, who are you related to?
In ancient greek mythology, who are you related to?
created by taysami

This quiz rocks!

1.) A little kid falls on the ground. They called you weirdo before. What do you do?
Get someone else to help 'em. You're too busy.
You immediattly stop what you were doing, forget what the kid said, and help them up.
You help the kid out because his older brother/sister is so cute!
Finish telling your soulmate how much you love them. Then go.
Start laughing as hard as you can at the kid and point. It's just so funny.

2.) Someone asks you out. What do you do?
As long as they're cute, I'll go for it!
NO WAY! That person's not good enough for ME!
Oh, I am touched! I shall bring roses or some gift to show my love for them.
Someone? Ask ME out? I'm a sour jerk and I'm keeping it that way.
Sorry. I'm way too busy defeating evil. But thanks anyway.
Sorry. I'm too busy creating evil. (sets person on fire.)

3.) Your favorite colors are...
Blue, Green
Gold, Yellow
White, Pink, Red
I like 'em all.
You really want ME to choose? Do you have any clue who the heck I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

4.) You're boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. What do you do?
Turn them into a hog. Fatten 'em up and eat 'em.
Break up with ME!!!!!!!! They wouldn't dare.
I would plan revenge. Sweet, never ending revenge.
Send my little friend grim to their door.
Cry. Then go over to them and try to make up, with flowers and a big teddy bear.
Oh well. I'm too busy to have a boyfriend/girlfriend anyway.

5.) You would love to have which power.......
The power to turn anyone into in animal. Including yourself.
Me? Choose? Well, I guess if I had to, it would be all of them. Including selfishness.
The power to kill people. Muhuhuhahaha!!!!!!!!!
To have power over water.

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