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» Quiz: Which W3 Minor Race Are you?/ FORM:1
Which W3 Minor Race Are you?/ FORM:1
created by flambuex

Find out which Warcraft Creep Race you are. NOTE: these are only a few

1.) Where would you most like to hang out?
In the icy plains of the north. Wherever it is cold.
In the treetops, a dark city alley, behind a waterfall. Wherever I can play tricks and cause trouble.
In a hot gorge or valley, a sandy barren. Anyplace that will give me a nice bronze tan.
In my famlies ancient temple house. Where dead bodies are strewn across the ground.
In a lake, sea, pond, wherever theres water.
In a shop, ANYWHERE, dosent matter has long has I can make some money.
Smashing things
I dont care.

2.) There is a war waging all around the know world, you have to choose a side or die. What do you do?
I dont choose a side. Instead, I sell my goods to anyone. IF the world still exist, I'll be RICH!
With Ice and Axe I will defend my land from intruders. None shall pass us.
Kill anyone. Unless they show themselves worthy. Then, we shall fight along side each other.
Follow our lady. Who follows the promise of power weaved by a great being.
Some of us follow the dark gods, others a being capable of immense destruction. WE are the renegades. WE are the rebellion. Dark Magic shall prevail!
Our once proud nation was killed. We are now forced to follow the dark lord of death.
Summon undead units. I knew killing them would be helpful. I just didn't know it would take 300 years to be helpful.

3.) What weapon do you find most helpful to your wants?
Trident, magic, and net.
Hammer, saw, anything to build powerful things with.
Claws, webs, and spells
Throwing axe.
Rapier, dagger, anything quick and deadly. And our sneaky skills and shadow abilities.

4.) Favorite/ Semi-favorite Primary race?
Orc's proved themselves worthy.
We are bound to the undead.
My life to Lord Illidian.
They all pay good money!
My hatred spreads to all, deeming us unworthy, impure, fools. They will soom know what our power collected IS.
Dwarves pay us good gold to kill for them..., Undead pay us good money to kill them....
Humans are kind of tasty.

5.) Your friends are indanger, what do you do?
Figure out which way to hold a club. Then its Clobberin' time, well, that is if i find the stupid handle.
Summon the fallen to kill the soon to be ensnared victims.
Come out from the shadows and hex thier weapon, just for laughs, lets see if they can hit me while i poke them with a dagger.
Will ten blades in thier backs be enough?
I huge bolt of ice first. Then a HUGE Sea Elemental....
Eh, he was a good customer.

6.) What do you think is the coolest phrase?
Say hello to my little friend
Its hammer time!
From the murky depths I come
We've got explosives!
I dance in the pits of hell, fool!

7.) Finally, favorite god of magic?
The Lich seems a god enough to me.
Elunes evil sister.
Magic? ......Oh.....THhoes funny little robed dudes tasted sora funny.
Ask the mighty witch.
His name cannot be pronounced by human tongue.
Am a man of science. I have no need for petty gods of magic (gets striked by flame, lightning, rock, plaguhe, ice, hellfire, knives, horse tails...)
Lord Illidain powers surpasses that of any god (a few random magic gods then smited by Lord Illidain)

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