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» Quiz: If you were to have a magical ability, what would it be?
If you were to have a magical ability, what would it be?
created by Slayzor

Let's see what you could do....

1.) what are your fav color(s)?
I don't have one.
Maybe Gray or Black.
Ummmm....I don't know....maybe a majestic purple or a deep blue.
Elemental colors(yellow, red, orange, brown, green, blue, black, white)

2.) What's your favorite animal?
It doesn't matter, because niether you or them can see me!!!!
I prefer dragons, does that count?
I prefer wolves, foxes, dogs, dingos and coyotes.
Water cratures.

3.) what'd your fav element?
Air. We are alkie becasue neither of us can be seen by others.
Lightning, does that count?
I like Earth.
I love all the elements!

4.) Do you like to live alone or within a group?
I live alone, I like it that way.
It depends....
I cannot live alone!!!! I must be in with someone else!!!!
I would rather live without other creatures, but I like to have elements in my presence.

5.) goodbye.
bye, you will never see me again.
see ya.
Some question....

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