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» Quiz: What Dungeons and Dragons Character are you?
What Dungeons and Dragons Character are you?
created by Kain_the_Slayer

A small adventure, to determine what class suits you the best. Note: This includes classes listed only in the D&D 3.5 Players Handbook

1.) Before we begin the adventure, I'm going to ask you some questions. Let's get origional -wink- What colors do you like?
Bright, strong colors, like Yellow, or Orange.
Something that soothes my artistic desires
Whatever color my god wants
Greens, and Browns
I am too busy studying, to worry about colors
Something disciplinary, yet calming
White... just white
Dark Green
Dark Colors... like black, brown... shadowy colors... muhaha
A mix of chaotic colors
Whatever colors suits my mood at the time

2.) Whats your favored weapon?
Something simple to use, yet powerful. Like an axe for instance.
Something that requires speed, and skill to use... but you can dance with at the same time. Like a Rapier
Something blunt like a mace. I rather dislike drawing blood.
The aid of wolves, and other animals
Something that requires much skill, but is also powerful, like a Broadsword.
My own fists and feet.
Anything other than evil magicks
Silent ranged weapons... like a bow, for instance
Something easy to conceal and use, Like a dagger
My magic... if I could ever learn to use it.
Any sort of magic, since I wield it with such ease.

3.) Let's start the adventure now! You're in your home town. So far it is like any other day. What are you doing?
Magically walking in, and out of magic portals. I love showing off
Watching the Wizard who is walking in and out of magic portals, envying his control over his powers.
Hunting through the city, looking out for any thieves and pickpockets.
Cutting purses, and picking pockets... and looking out for that Paladin whos walking around looking for me.
Sitting on top of roofs, watching people.
Kicking, and punching a training dummy
Sparring with a warrior (Sparring is practice dueling, for you idiots who dont know)
You are not in the city, but instead are in the woods, communicating with the animals.
In the temple, leading a group prayer
In the tavern, singing, and telling stories
Challenging random people to fights.

4.) A Thief Pickpockets you! Oh noes!!!
temporarily paralize the pickpocket, and take your gold back... leave no permanent damage, though.
Challenge the pickpocket to a duel, and kill him off
You probably dont have any gold to steal, so dont care
Warn the thief your gods will smite him. And if that doesn't work, prove it!
Earn more gold, by luring nearby citizens with your music/storytelling
Violently, and painfully kill the bastard.
Call the town guard on the thief, and have them deal with him.
Shoot an arrow into the thief's back.
sneak up behind him, and pick his pocket.
Shoot a magic missile at him... oops, it turned into a summon Demon spell... RUN!!!!!
Keep appearing in front of the thief, until he gives your gold back.

5.) You got your gold back! Congratulations! So now you go into a tavern (if you werent already there) and order a drink. The Bartender decides to charge twice as much as the drinks cost... what do you do?
Pay up... you dont have much of a choice
Threaten to summon the town guard on the bartender
Pay up... then shoot him when he's looking away
pay up, then steal all the gold he has
Try to shoot a fireball at the bartender... but accidentally cast protection from evil on yourself... it works, strangely
Magically create more gold, and give it to the Bartender
Pay up, then earn more, with song and stories.
Warn him the gods will smite him... hey, it worked with the thief!
You arent in the tavern actually... you are still in the forest, dancing with the animals.
Challenge the Bartender to a duel... if you win, you get free drinks for the rest of the night. If he wins, he gets all your gold.

6.) Somehow, you get kicked out of the town... evil guards... What do you do next?
Raze the town!!!
Leave, singing and dancing the whole way to the next town
Call upon the wrath of your god, to destroy your town, and leave.
Your not in the town... instead you are STILL in the forest.
Call them all cowards, and leave
You leave the town... You dont care that you've been kicked out, so you just... leave.
Pretend to leave, but stay, killing the citizens one by one
Leave the town, and be sure to make a grand entrance in the next town.
Leave... but not before you steal a valuable artifact from the town's mayor.
Try to conjure up the dead in the graveyard, but instead ignite the whole graveyard in flames, making the townsfolk even angrier at you.
conjure an earthquake and destroy the town.

7.) As your leaving the town, a dragon swoops down on you!
Use Mind Control Magicks to take over the Dragon's mind.
Get your axe, and kill the overgrown lizard!
Attempt to cast A Protection from Dragons spell... but oops, you accidentally cast summon hooker... So instead you use the hooker as bait and RUN!!!!!
Sing a magical song, to put the dragon to sleep.
Hide in a bush, and wait until it goes away
Convert it to your religion... hey, it's worth a try!
Hide, and shoot arrows at it from behind the bush
Summon an army of animals, and give them a feast of Dragon Flesh.
Smite the Vile Beast!
A worthy challenge... at last
RUN!!!! You are extremely fast, so run!!!!

8.) You finally make it to the next town -whew- When you enter the town, you see it is filled with undead!!!
Hack them all up, and burn their corpses!!
Summon your own undead to match their might.
What good inspiration! Write a song about it!
Magic Missile? Oh shit, not another summon Demon spell! Run!!!!
If you are good: Blast them allIf you are evil: Turn them to your command
Go the other way... Quietly...
Magically make roots come from the ground, and pull the Undead back below the Earth, where they belong.
Hope they dont see you, and shoot them all... hey, it worked for the Dragon!
Not exactly a worthy challenge... but it's something to do...
Hack and slash the vile beasts!

9.) So you escape the city of the dead... Their Master, a Necromancer appears in front of you, and challenges you!
Punch him out, and crack his spine
Challenge him to an honorable duel, and kill him!
Smite the Vile Necromancer
Pull him below the Earth, with the undead.
Run, Hide, and shoot arrows
Call upon the power of your god, to kill the Necromancer!
Hide... and sneak away
Tell the Necromancer a touching story, and make him forget what he was doing.
Fly away! Ooops... I said fly, not protection from Evil!!! Oh well... The Necromancer left...
Hack and Slash! Hack and Slash!!!!!!!!!!!
You know your powers are stronger, so you gloat for a bit, before you kill the Necromancer Via an enormous fireball!

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