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» Quiz: What Type of Faerie are You?
What Type of Faerie are You?
created by Slipknot_Maggot_Laura

Are You Fire, Light, Earth, Snow, Darkness, Water, Battle, Or Air Faerie find out here.

1.) Whats you're favorite thing to do?
Play with Fire
Play with the sunlight
Clean the park or help anyone anywhere
Do witch craft or join a cult
Play with the dolphins or deepsea diving
Play with the wind

2.) Anywhere you want to live where would it be?
In a Flaming castle
On a Rainbow Cloud
On Mother Earth
In an Igloo on a Mountain Top
In a haunted castle near a cementary
Underwater with all the nice dolphins
On a battle ground
Above the Clouds in the heavens

3.) You would describe yourself as?
Having a Flaming attitude problem
Light Cheery attitude
Helpful attitude
cool attitude
Mean and deppresing attitude
HAppy wonderful attitude
Rebelious hard attitude
all of the above

4.) What would you conture up to eat
Spicy chilli beans
Chicken Soup
I'm a vegetarian
Ice Cream
Meat Ham anything that really meaty
anything really

5.) Finally we are done did you like this quiz?
Go to hell
It was alright
No! And May The Devil damn You!
It was the greatest quiz ever
No I want WAR!

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