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» Quiz: What Dark-Hunter are you?
What Dark-Hunter are you?
created by blazingdragon

Are you strong enough for a hunter? Or mean enough for a Damion? Are you witty enough for a Squire? or are you scared enough to be human?

1.) What would be your ultimate weapon?
A sheild to charg into battle with!
A browd sided ax to help them meet thier maker
What's a cross bow?
Are we talking silverwear?
eat green leafy things
I'm going to suck your blood!
My clan only fights when the mood breaks us and we deside to bugg the british!
I just love bloody battles, the steel claws I wear are the best for up close and personal
why do I need to battle, I have a cool tattoo and I'm dead sexy
quick hide under the bed!
a feather is soft

2.) How well can you lie?
Call me Pathological!
how scarry does this lie have to be?
Why should I lie? I have nothing to fear!
lieing is for pussies!
A lover never lies
my two edged ax never lies!
I hate those who lie!
I could never love a lier
Doesn't matter I'll have their soles anyways, Ha!

3.) How fast can you think in a crises?
Uhmm, let me think...
Green and Slimy
I eat those who can't!
Tell me when I meet this crisis, Yawn!!
And who are you?

4.) How fast can you run?
like a rabbit
why would I run?
I could run in my sleep!
why do you want to know?

5.) In case of a emergancy you...
Run like the typical victom in a horror movie!
burp out green things
run towards Danger, Ha ha!
Face it like the man I have been made into!
I am danger
watch as the terror unfolds
Run towards it with a sharp stick...I'm ganna get you!!
give myself up for the better cause!
Duh...I caused it
runn towards the tuffiest meanist looking guy and start to polish his boots
run and hide

6.) Can you drive a fast car?
What? Are you crazy?
How fast are we talking here?
Like I need a car to go fast!
Like abattle ax flying through the air!
Like on a horse?
danger is my middle name
Only if a girl happens to be in danger!
I'm always fast...
What's fast to you, might not be with me

7.) What is your favorite food?
green leafy things...
humans, and thieir soles!!!
anything that I don't have to make!
Anyhting that's sttill freash from the kill!
I only eat things I could order off the internet!
Got anything frozen?
Anything from my lovers hands
are we talking roman?
How atlantic are you?

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