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» Quiz: Which Magical Dark Creature Are You?
Which Magical Dark Creature Are You?
created by Wolf__Eyes

Do you like creatures or fantasy characters that are somewhat dark? Have you ever wondered which kind you'd be? Take this quiz to see what you're creature is... And be honest.

1.) What kind of person do you think you are? In general?
Assertive and outgoing. Bold. A bit of a Leader. Stubborn and opinionated. Never satisfied.
Sexual and attractive. Really dependent. Confident with high self esteem. Very touchy feely.
Not really understood. Antisocial. Kind of a Loner. Dark. Often depressed or pissed off.
Not too smart, more lazy. Careless, Easily intimidated. Confused, lost and you seem to eat basically whatever you put in your mouth.
Busy, never really fully relaxed. Always appearing nonchelant and proud. Confident but mysterious. A little selfish sometimes. Intriguing. Other people want you - and you love it. But you wont tell them that.

2.) Pick an animal you like.
Black Cat or beautiful bird.
Owl or Raven.

3.) Which of these would you prefer to wear?
Something that shows off my body. (My muscles or curves) And is sheer enough to feel touching through.
A loose shirt and baggy pants or shorts. Straight up and simple. You never know when they might end up ruined.
Something middle aged or renaissance style. Likes velvet and ruffles. Anything that makes other people want to touch your clothes.
Something that covers me and is dark. The darker the color and appearance the better.
Something raggish or frayed. I like that messy look. Or I'm just too lazy. Probably the second one.

4.) Do you ever feel...
Really horny?
Really adventurous?
Really Sexy?
Really forgetful?
Really intimidating?

5.) Do you find yourself...
Feeling thirsty or getting cravings?
Really hairy? (dang, you're furry ;-) )
Really Affectionate?
Really spaced out?
Really alone?

6.) People tend to...
Follow your lead?
Want to have sex with you or sleep next to you?
Look very appetizing?
Confuse or bore you? Or be food.
Piss you off. A lot.

7.) Which color combination do you like best?
Black and Silver.
Black, deep blue, or crimson.
Blues and Greys.
Don't care whatsoever. Not picking. Id rather stare at my wall.
Pinks Golds and Blacks.

8.) If you had to be one of the high school stereotypes (even though I hate labels like hell) which one do you think you'd be? HONESTLY.
JOCK - I excell in athletics and working with a team.
SLUT - What can I say? I like sex and skin contact... a lot. ;-)
FREAK - No one really understood me, and, I didn't like them so much either.
DUMBASS - um... yea. What's thinking?
CRUSH - you were always the most sexy attractive and everyone loved you. Aww. Yea, I'd want to claim you too. :-p

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