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» Quiz: Which Mysterious Creature are You?
Which Mysterious Creature are You?
created by glartfargle

The modern world is full of reports of bizarre creatures lurking in the darkness and terrorizing bufudled peasants. We know you're one of them! Admit it! But which one...?

1.) If you had to eat one of the following for breakfast tomorrow, which would it be?
Nuts and berries.
A rare steak, dripping with blood.
Fish and various other seafood.
Nothing - I don't eat breakfast.
Not sure - but definitely lots of it!

2.) Which of the following is your ideal method of travel?

3.) If you have a major problem, how do you go about solving it?
I attack the problem head on.
I hide from the world until it goes away.
I look at the problem from all possible angles, then go for the most logical solution.
I never have any major problems. Nothing seems to affect me.
I wait to see if it solves itself. If it doesn't, I take action.

4.) How would the people who know you best describe you?

5.) How tall would you say you are, compared to others?
Average height.
A little above average height.
Quite tall.
Very tall.

6.) Which of the following would you prefer as a vacation?
A few weeks in a really old country hotel.
A cruise.
A week of hang-gliding and ballooning.
A week touring the jungles and caverns of South America.
Two weeks of skiing and mountain-climbing.

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