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» Quiz: Which Greek god/goddess are you?
Which Greek god/goddess are you?
created by mjcool82

Ever wondered which Greek god/goddess you are?Well take the quiz and find out!

1.) If you could do any of the following activities which would you choose?
Going swimming
Playing battleship and whooping some serious butt!
Flirting or making out of course
Tending to my garden nothing beats it
Going hunting, the intensity is alluring
Sending messages on my computer
Practicing my guitar skills
Looking through the dictionary, then doing a nice long project
Setting all my friends up with the opposite sex
I like to get on my computer and play a nice strategy game where I have my own empire.

2.) Which best describes you?
I am a bit of the jealous type, and can be very spiteful at times.
I am a busybody, no rest for the weary, but I love it.
My wrath can be easily felt, I am very quick to anger.
I am very calm, sometimes I might lose control, if I did that often everything around me would unravel.
I am kindhearted, I help whenever I can, but sometimes people get on my bnerves with their carelessness
I am wise, and looked up to by my friends, I am also gifted in the art of crafts
I am a very faint of heart and am heartbroken easy
I am a proud, and I boast and brag a lot
I am generous and I intervene, when someone prefers another person over me I take revenge
I am very controlling

3.) Your favorite color is...
Ocean Green
Earthy Tones
Golden Yellow

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