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» Quiz: Which of the three Fates are you?
Which of the three Fates are you?
created by Jesseh the Sexeh

This quiz will determine which of the three fates you are most like. Please note the fates were women in Ancient Greek Mythology who forsaw the future and ended peoples lives.

1.) If you were sewing with your grandmother and she asked you to do one of three jobs for her, which would you do?
Spin the yarn/thread for her
Do the measuring of any fabric or thread
Cut the thread for her/snip off loose ends.

2.) Do you love your sisters? (Would you if you had any?)
I love both my sisters and I look out for them, I'm the eldest.
I only like one of my two sisters, and that's because she'll let me in on what the other one is plotting some of the time.
I hate them both, but I play both sides to get what I want from both parties.

3.) How would you describe your height?
I'm a shorty.
I'm the average height I suppose.
I'm very tall.

4.) What do you like to sing about?
Things from the past.
Things of the present.
Things that will come to pass.

5.) Out of the three of your sisters what are you considered?
I'm the most feared of course!
People know I'm usually level headed one in the group.
I'm very timid and calm

6.) This is the end of the quiz. I hope you liked it!
O.O...Okay...you're strange
Oh...yes...lovely quiz?

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