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» Quiz: What is your Paranormal gift?
What is your Paranormal gift?
created by _Black_Spotted_Lion_

Do you have control over electricity? Fire? Ice? Can you read minds or make objects float? Can you control time itself or walk throught walls like a phantom?

1.) It's the classic question of the colors.. so what is it?
Baby Blue
(Don't click this, I accidentally seemed to have hit the write another answer button again.. oopsie. Null and void)

2.) Alrighty then. What is your favorite type of weather?
Cloudy, Cold, Wet, Icy, Gray, Chilly
Windy, Misty, Foggy, Wet, Mild
Cloudy, Rainy, Warm, Breezy
Partly Cloudy, Warm, Slightly Humid, Windy
Cold, Icy, Snowy, Windy, Blizzard-like
Stormy, Dark, Thunder, Lightning, Wet, Loud, Windy
Warm/Hot, Dry, No Wind, Sunny

3.) As much as I hate labels- What are you labeled at school?
Weird because you're quiet
Punk or Skater

4.) Which of the following describes you the best?
Quiet and Reserved, but Friendly
Loud, a bit annoying, though.
Smug, Sly, Sneaky
Playful, active, a bit cocky
Shy, easily embarassed, affectionate, playful, and very thoughtful and smart
Quiet, Weird, Confused
Playful, cocky, smooth, sometimes perverted

5.) Which genre of book are you most likely to read?
Drama or suspence

6.) Which of the following do you most relate to?
Feeling invisible or lost
A god, ruler, or controler
Ashes, Fire, smoke
Being a Daydreamer
Winter, fireplaces, cold
Depressing or Tragic past

7.) What color and style is your hair?
Girl- Long and Red/BrownBoy- Spiked and Red/Brown
Girl- Layered and Blonde/BrownBoy- Frosted and Blonde/Brown
Girl- Short and any colorBoy- Spiked and blonde
Girl- Long, Straight, and blackBoy- Straight, Coveres eyes, and black
Girl- Short and any unnatural color (purple, blue, green, pink, ect.,)Boy- Spiked and any unnatural color
Girl- Short and Dark Brown/Red/BlackBoy- Spiked and black
Girl- Short and light brown/blondeBoy- Spiked light brown/blonde

8.) Which of the following crosses your mind the most? (be honest, please)
Depression or self mutilation
Being in control or Anarchy
Past events in your life or romance
What others are thinking (not exactly about you, just what they think of anything)
Friends, Family, and your relations with them
Love or Power or Wealth
Romance or Sex

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