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» Quiz: Which bladebreaker did you just go out with?!
Which bladebreaker did you just go out with?!
created by Gistle

You just went on a date with one of the bladebreaker boys- which one?!

1.) You wake up. After getting ready, you go into the living room to see everyone is ready to go to the big beyblade tournement- what do you do?
Smile and stand next to my crush while talking about how excited I am to get to the tournement.
Stand next to my crush and talk.
Greet them and stand next to my crush.
Stand next to my crush closely- VERY closely....
Say good morning and walk to my crush to talk.

2.) You all get on the bus- where do you sit?
If they'll let me, right next to my crush. If not I'll sit behind them.
Across from him so we can talk- but I won't seem suspicios...
Next to them of coarse!
In front of my crush.
Next to them so we can 'TALK'...

3.) You guys win the tournement! To celebrate, you muster up the courage to ask them out- and they accept! What will you wear?
A short, glittery, red dress- red his color anyways!
A long blue dress! So pretty!
A yellow top with white oants- casual yet cute!
A black top with a white skirt- ynig and yang baby! :)
Casual clothes! Yay ordinalry!

4.) Where do you to go for the night?
We walk along the beach under the stars all alone- perfect setting for the big moment!
To a resturantt where he eats them out of buisness :P
To the movies!
We hang out together...alone....
To the internet cafe

5.) You've romanced him good, girl! He's leaning in for a kiss- what do you do?!
HE'S leaning in? I'M the one leaning in! I'll pull him at me! KISS ME NOW!
Act suprised and kiss back lightly.
Bluush and push him away- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Kiss back of coarse!
Block it with your laptop- that guys a nerd!

6.) You both turn around to see your entire team is watching you from behind a bush! What do you two do?!
Blush together, then yell at them, then chase them down the street.
Scream and run away together.
Blush then yell at them.
What's to be embarrased aabout? I didn't kiss him:P

7.) You guys return home. Create your own ending below!
He tries to get away without a glance at me- but I pull him back, kiss him, then say i luv ya, THEN let him sleep with that! THE END!
He blushes, sez he had fun, then we both go to bed.
He blushed and tries to get wawy but I give him one last kiss before he leaves.
He kisses me goodnight and we both go to bed.
I go to bed and so does he. THE END.

8.) Last one: It's the next morning- how do you two greet each other?
He greets me normaly but smiles and winks at me when the others aren't looking.
He smiles broadly and greets me first.
I greet him with a small kiss.
He greets ME with a small kiss
We greet each other normaly.

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