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» Quiz: What type of mythical horse are you?
What type of mythical horse are you?
created by Lady_Nightmare

Like the title indicates, this quiz will try to tell you what mythical horse you best represent. Both good & evil types are included.

1.) lets start off with an easy question: what element is your favorite?

2.) What is your favorite food?
Fish, seaweed...also anything new or unusual.
Fruit, nuts, vegtables, that sort of thing.
The flesh of the living! mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I like to try maintain a balenced diet...
Anything sweet & yummy! Cakes, lollies, soft drink, gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

3.) where would you rather live?
In an ethreal plane, or some spiritual dimension. that'd be pretty cool...
In the city, definatly. or suburbs. i'd need to be near other people & shopping centres & stuff like that!
By the beach, or a lake, or a river. anywhere near water would be nice, really. to be able to live underwater...now THAT would be cool!
Up high in the mountains, hopefully it would snow! if i couldn't get that, i guess a really tall skyscraper would be ok...
In a forest, or maybe a farm. A wide open grassland, even.
In a swamp or marshland. Maybe near a deep, mysterious loch or lake...

4.) If you could have powers, what would they be?
To be able to heal, or purify water & food. To be able to speak all languages would be nice too.
flying would be cool for me.
I would transform into somthing beautiful, to lure gullible fool to thier deaths, heh heh heh.
teleportation, telekinesis, clairvoyance & telepathy. mental powers.
hmmm...power to manipulate water or ice would be fun...
To show people thier worst nightmares & fears, before devouring thier souls.
none of the above.

5.) What do you hate the most?
People who are stuck in the past, or who will not tolerate others or thier opinions.
Those nasty people in macdonalds who always spit in my food...
Care bears & tellitubbies. ',shudders,'
People who harm the environment.
Politions...& bank managers...& vegetarians...&.... ah heck, i hate everyone!

6.) Ok, some more in-charactor type questions...or you can just answer them as yourself 0o what is your greatest vice?
I'm evil...need I say more?
I'm too helpful.
I swim too much...& i like splashing stupid people!
I fly too much...i'v probably got a major dose of radiation by now.
i have no vices! i'm perfect! (pride or vanity could be inserted here.)
I don't really know....
Eh heh...I like to eat people.

7.) what do you think of humans?
I try to keep away from them...but thier always hunting me! What did i ever do to them?
I try to keep my distance..i may make friends with a chosen few, though...
They are below my notice, puny mortals. Most are obliviouse of my existance.
heh, thier fun to play tricks on & steal from!
I hate them! they are a scum that needs to be removed from the earth!

8.) how can you be caught?
With a virgin girl. Works every time. You'd think i'd learn after the first 20 times.....
A golden bridal, with hairs from my mane woven through it &....heeey, why do you want to know?
The golden bridal thing works for me too, but you might need some help from the gods...or some silver. Man, do i love silver!
You cannot catch me. So there :P
Hmmm...maybe a net or somthing....
you must face your worst fears...& not die in the process.

9.) If you were caught in a fight, what would you do?
Try to get away, by jumping over a cliff or somthing...if that didn't work, i guess i'b have to resort to gouging...
I'd kick my opponents a few times, but if it looked like i was losing, i'd simply fly away.
Heh, the fools. As if they'd stand a chance against me. To cut a long story short, they would die.
I don't get caught in fights. ',gives goddy-two-shoes grin,'
I would teleport away, but not before smashing my attackers against a few trees...
Drag the attackers underwater then devour them.

10.) What would you do if you came upon a lone human in your territory?
I'd probably watch them from a distance. Your can't be too careful around those things.
Run away, far away!
I would let them see me, try to act friendly, but not let them too close.
', grins evilly,' I would appear to them as beautiful & innocent.... then when they least expect it, Dinner time!
Try play with them. Humans are funny!
A human? In MY territory? We'll just see about that! ', human dies soon after this statement was made,'

11.) what did you think of this quiz? really?
I think it was fine till you asked that question! ',mutters,' Why does everyone always ask that?
it was ok. about 5.
It was great!
It totally sucked. 1 if your lucky.
This was a quiz???
What does this question have to do with finding out which mythical horse I am? honestly.

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