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» Quiz: What Fantasy Monster are you?
What Fantasy Monster are you?
created by Bride of the Shadow Lord

1.) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Anywhere I could see the sky.
Bottom of the deepest ocean, where there is no sunlight.
In a cave, a big cave.
In the forests, far from any civilisation.
The Underworld.
Near humans, preferably shepherds or farmers, but with places I can hide.
In a tree.
I don't actually mind.

2.) What is your favourite colour?
Reds, orange, yellow - the colours of fire.
I do not like colour, unless it is blood red!
White, for its purity.
Earthy shades, or the gentle colours of flowers.
Bright colours, I do not wear them, but I like them.
Gold, silver, anything metallic.

3.) The glass is exactly half filled with a liquid.
Here? It would be overflowing!
What is the glass made of exactly? Is it valuable?
It is half empty.
It is half full.
It is wine, and now it's all empty!
It is clear spring water.
What use is this to me exactly?
It is blood, cheers!

4.) The end of the world is coming!
I fail to see the relevance.
Busy, busy, busy. Lots of new souls.
Alas for the trees!
That's the end of me, ah well, it's been fun.
I shall go into heaven, my place is there.
At last! My big debut!
I shall be sad to see this world go, but I know I will be alright.

5.) Someone tells you, you are beautiful, how do you respond?
I nod, it is the truth after all.
I give them a distainful look, I know I am.
I laugh while I devour them.
They'd never get that far, they'd be dead already.
Laugh happily and offer them a drink.
Blush prettily.
I say nothing, I can't talk.

6.) Wings?
I have no need of them.
Laughs and has another drink.
Bat-like, any shade.
Do I look like a pegasus to you?
Great fiery wings that are awe-inspiring to behold.
Not down here, they'd only get in my way.

7.) How do you align yourself?
Neutral, I am neither good nor evil, I care only for the trees.
I am good.
I wouldn't say I'm evil. It's all in good fun, it's funny when people get hurt.
I do a necessary job, if that makes me evil, I don't really care.
I'm a major player in the apocalypse - what do you think?
I am wild, I am strong, I am fierce, I will not align myself for you.
I am whatever I choose to be, it is none of your business.

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