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» Quiz: what immortal am I
what immortal am I
created by weeper

what immortal are you is your heat pure or are you a creature of the night.

1.) what is your favorite color?
black.. what else
white and gold
pink and purple
blue or green
i don't have a favorite

2.) what do ya want to be when you get older?
a doctor
a teacher
a scientist
a lawyer
a mommy/daddy

3.) do you like cats or dogs
animals who cares about them
cat's purrrr
i like puppies and kittes aaand ya both.
neither I' am a bird brian
dogs rule cat's drul

4.) what is your favorite subject in school?

5.) how yo doi'n?
bad day as normal
I'm good, and you
okay i guess
caught caught...sick
bored to tears
could be better ,could be worse

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