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» Quiz: What mythical creature are you?
What mythical creature are you?
created by laker_spirit

Get v detailed results about your inner creature with great pics! (coming soon)

1.) Okay... ur all tired of hearing it so let's get it over with early; what's your favorite color?
Oooh, i luv green! Itz so pretty!
Vibrant reds and oranges... blue is okay too.
Oh... i guess i like silver and blue the best!
I like warm colors like reds and purples... v pretty!
GOLD!!! its so SHINY! Ooooh, silver is shiny too!
Black... mayb some blood red
Sparkly colors
Browns and greens
All shades of blue and green... pretty ocean blue...
White, it is just me!
I like all of them
Purples, and PINK! LOTS OF PINK!
Dark colors
Whatever makes me look pretty!
WHO CARES!!! this is pointless!

2.) What do you like to watch on TV?
O.C. I worship you!!!
pretty much everything... cartoons, sci fi, movies... whatever
CARTOONS! i luv spongebob... and fairly odd parents YAY!
CSI, cold case... gorey movies
I dont watch much tv, but maybe trading spaces... or animal planet
antique roadshow... they have TREASURE!
The apprentice... all sorts of prank shows!
I LUV JAPANESE ANIME! happy tree friends is good too! Happy bunny is awesome! I wish they played rurouni kenshin more often....
home ec stuff...
i just like movies, like gladiator and stuff.
I like punk'd and anything like it! MTV rocks!
TV will turn your mind to mush.
fashion shows... nething with hot guys or clothes!
WHATEVER! Who cares any way?

3.) If you could have any pet, what would it be?
cerberus the demon dog from hell!!! muahahaha
doves, they stand for peace!
a kitten or a puppy!
any kind of lethal snake!
Many beautiful horses... so graceful!
Parrots, they are very colorful and live a long time!
Crows... they like treasure too!
i dunno, i like people better
Oooh, a dolphin!
any kind, i luv animals... id rather BE one though!
snapping turtle! The better to eat you with!
hmm, a cat. they are free and independent!
one of those lap dogs alot of actresses have! mayb a poodle!
A falcon... but what's it to you?

4.) What is your favorite sport?
I love wrestling and fencing! VIOLENCE!
sleeping... im a world champ
is flirting a sport?
I like to sing!
a cheerleader maybe... i like helping people
is poker a sport?
im a girly girl, no sports for me
sports... bah!
swimming is fun
baseball, football, lacrosse, basketball, soccer! Anything and i am the star player and i get a shiny trophy!

5.) Ok, final question... what kind of music do u like?
whatevers like... in
heavy metal
yay! pop!
classical is soothing
rock! it will be around forever! Survive!
the cds are so shiny!
rap and hiphop!
old stuff like jazz, blues, o yea, and wierd al rocks!
whatever is on the radio
i listen to anything i like
anything loud and annoying
i luv punk rock and stuff
songs that i can sing along to!
classical is nice, and so is soft rock
anything hard core
anything that i can relate to

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