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» Quiz: Daughters of the Moon
Daughters of the Moon
created by Flash: )

Based on the series by Lynne Ewing, find out your stereo type and what secret power.

1.) Easy: What's your favorite color?.
baby blue

2.) Which kind of light do you prefer?
lava lamp
cool moonlight
broken street lamps

3.) Your ideal power
Time Travel
Premonotion ( seeing the future)
Telepathic ( mind reading)
telekenetic ( moving things with your mind)

4.) Your ideal boyfriend would be...
spiked hair, an eyebrow ring, and baggy black clothes
The lead guitarist in a popular band
a gangster dude or a surfer
Prince of the Night, ultimate evil who sacrifices everything for you.
Cute and funny, he loves to skateboard

5.) At a party you are the person who is...
wearing something crazy and boppin' to your own rythym.
Up on stage singing for your boyfriend's band.
In the back corner wearing black and having another tattoo done.
In the back corner hitting on the tattoo guy.
The life of the party dancing with a million different people.

6.) At school, which person are you?
Wearing something wild and colorful.
The most popular girl at school surrounded by lots of friends and admirers.
School? Why bother?
The quiet one standing in a corner.
Plotting to over throw the Queen of Popularity and steal her boyfriend.

7.) Where are you on the weekends?
Shopping for new clothes.
At lunch with lots of friends.
Setting small children on fire.

8.) Where do you hang with your boyfriend?
A party.
A picnic.
At the park setting small children on fire.

9.) What is your favorite kind of car?
A flower power beetle bug.
A blue convertible.
Something stolen and black.
broken down with a surfboard strapped on top.
Who needs a car when you have a skateboard?

10.) What animal is most like you?
A cat.
A butterfly.
A panther.
A racoon.
A Giraffe.

11.) Your choice of a weapon.
Anything that matches my outfit!
A knife.
a Semi Automatic.
Something hard like a surfboard!
My skateboard!

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