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» Quiz: What Wicked Character are you?
What Wicked Character are you?
created by WickedFanatic5

Are you "Wicked" or good?

1.) What was your childhood like?
Do we have to talk about it?
I always got what I wanted!
My parents always liked me better than my sister.
I travled around, I was always on the go!
I was in a nice place, then got blown here!
Can't complain

2.) Pick a color

3.) Are you an outcast?
Yes, Always have been
Oh Please! Everyone loves me!
Well, once you get past my deformity...No.
People are drawn to me!
People listen to me!
I guess

4.) Do you do magic?
You could call it that!
I, uh, try!
I am very powerful!
I guess you could call me a...Wiz
I'm not allowed
I teach magic

5.) Would you call yourself Wicked?
Only because others do
Me? Not at all!
No...Why do you ask?
People don't seem to think so.
I suppose
How Rude!

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