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» Quiz: which gothic creature are you?
which gothic creature are you?
created by skulls

what to know if your a hairy scary werewolves or a sexy vampire try this quiz out you love it

1.) what is your element
in a frorest
in a castle
in the sky
in a normal home
in a dark and creepy cave
i dont know
none of your fucking concern

2.) when your come across a foolish mortal do you?
attack them
drink their blood
cast a spell on them
kill them
eat them and spit their bones out
you dont notice them and you walk away
you let them go you sfotie

3.) whats your fave colour
Black and red
really gothic colours
Blood red
purple yellow and green
just plain grey

4.) are you hunted a lot
well werewovles get hunt down right
yeah they think they kill me but iam a vampire ill nver die hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
no but my family were burned to the steak iam alone so alone sob
hwo can i be hunted iam a mere myth
i do get hunted but i eat my huntres in the end they were delish
no ive nver been hunted in my life
well der iam they see me as this big scary monster

5.) What do you think of religon
I worship god i pray to him all the time for help of my curse
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crosses (hisses)
no i woship the devil hail saten
my lord the devil created me gave me life so i thank him by worhping him
well mybe god mybe the devil this religion stuff is rather confusing
i dont know iam not religions
is there a god anyway
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm fuck no

6.) do you love being a monster
yes so i ive for a enternty
well being a witch is cool i cast a spell on people who are mean to me
i was born with these powers so yes iam glad iam a monster you fuck head
hum what you saying
well i do get to eat people and breath fire
its a curse to be a wloves like monster
no i hate it i wish i would die ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

7.) so tell me was this quiz good
The most brill quiz i had ever done
i love it
i guess it was ok
what a crap qiuz hwo the fuck made this quiz
that was the most shitist quiz i had ever did heads will rool for this oh yes heads will fucking roll

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